morning lovely bigmoose chums, how are ya??

life good?

could be better?

wanna make it better?

well this week i have learnt a lot of stuff, and i love learning, but as well as learning i love sharing, and the reason for that is if i share the good stuff with everyone in my world, then that just might spark a reaction of some sort, and by the power of physics that reaction can turn potential energy into kinetic energy, i wasn't into physics at school, sorry mr mukerji, but as an adult (allegedly) i have become more aware of energy than i ever was as at tolly park comp, and i love turning peoples potential energy into kinetic energy. 

in todays blog i'm gonna share a couple of nuggets of info with you that just might help you do something you've always wanted to do, and possibly make your life that bit better.

the first thing i'm gonna share is a video that my mentor darren hardy posted this week of apple creator steve jobs, have a watch, it's really short, then we can chat.

cool huh?

you just gotta ask.

this week on twitter i connected with michael sheen the actor, who is doing some sterling work based around teenage homelessness, so i tweeted him, i asked him to check out what bigmoose is doing.

and you know what happened, he checked us out, and got back to me commenting on what we (you and us btw) are up to, and after he meets with welsh government he will get back in touch, which could be very positive, and that only came about by doing as steve jobs says, just asking, so dream big ask the big guns for help, what's the worst that can happen, and as steve said don't be afraid to fail, ever, in work, in relationships, in whatever you do, regret for what you could have done if you were brave enough to try is one regret i'm sure none of us want to have.

so with that in mind, one lady that is not letting that regret control her is my pal karen that i mentioned last week.

this week karen met my running coach rory, and my oh my what an amazing couple of hours, i saw another side of rory, that was more the life coach side of him, now whilst not liking that moniker, i don't know what else to call it, but as we sat in my kitchen with the cameras rolling, recording every word, rory asked karen about every minute detail of her life, weight, relationships, work, debt, you name it he asked about it, no stone was left unturned, and karen bared her soul in my kitchen.

to allow us to video this i think karen is one of the bravest people i have ever met, and i am so privileged to be part of her journey, and i think that what she is embarking on is a voyage of discovery, which will only lead to her writing  a new chapter in her life, which i think will empower other people and inspire them to do what karen will have done, and that by her example she will be able to show how it can be done, as she will have walked the walk, i am so childishly excited, and i don't care if i sound nuts, i know this is going to be brilliant.

we have recorded the whole session, and will be uploading it to you tube very soon, and then we are going to do weekly updates, so we can see the ups and downs, and watch the journey one step at a time, fascinating stuff, and with the support and love that we can all give karen we can play our part, which i think is really cool, and having spoken to her about this, she acknowledges the power that we can give her by showing and giving support, go karen!!!

i learnt a few things from listening to rory that morning, and one thing i loved was that as a bit of a goal setter myself, as we wrapped up the session i asked what karen's goals should be for february?

rory nonchalantly explained that there were no goals, and she should just do her best, and added that if we set goals she would achieve them, and then probably take the foot off the gas, or just hit them on the final day, which would obviously limit the result to the goal and no more, however if we left it open to her doing her best, that would be what she world achieve, no more no less.


every day's a school day i reckon, i love learning this shizzle!

so with karen's journey well and truly started i set off to london, like dick whittington, except rather than searching for gold paved streets, i went in search of knowledge.

knowledge empowers, and the the knowledge i was thirsty for was to be given by ceri sheppard, the employment academy director at the house of st barnabas.

the house of st barnabas is one totally cool charity and it really is worth having a read about.

now the reason i know about these guys is my first born, as well as grafting her way to being an actress, needs to pay her rent, and in typical tiffany fashion decided she wanted a part time job somewhere people in the arts frequented, so that there would be potential to meet someone that could give her that big break, and would 'get it' when she need to take time off for auditions and filming.

so she took her cv to a load of places that had this criteria, and low and behold the house of st barnabas liked her chutzpah and hired her. (remember what steve said 'you've just gotta ask)

so tiffany now works as a receptionist where she meets and greets, and enjoys this amazing club, that services the arts and artists in it's own special way.

her new employers are a charity that states on their website


i likey.

so, after visiting and falling in love with the art adorned club, i discovered the training academy they have, and asked ceri sheppard if i could meet her to learn from her, and hopefully emulate her model back in caerdydd.

i met with my pal doogie (mr lay) and we walked around this amazing facility with it's chapel that was soundchecking for this uber cool guy that produces synthesized music that was enveloping us in what he told me was an audio art installation, but he didn't have a website, as he 'didn't like that stuff' i felt alive.

the academy is pretty amazing, and strives to develop homeless people's skills in life, and involves mentoring, and attempting to employ them within the club, and then helping and nurturing as they fly the nest, and only made me more resolute to try to create something in my world, collecting and redistributing food waste is one thing, but i have reached a point where it feels very much like putting a plaster on the problem, and i want to do more, i want to step up a gear, and i want to make some tangible changes.

i have a meeting with cardiff council monday, so watch this space, i need to do something big!!!

as i type this, steve's electronic device i type upon just pinged a twitter message.

international dj rob da bank is a founder member of house of st barnabas, so i tweeted him last night congratulating him on his efforts, and telling him we want to build a similar training programme, and he has just replied this morning, so when we launch our project you just never know who might be on the decks, you just gotta ask.

finally, today is our second week collecting food waste from morrisons two stores, and if last week is anything to go by we will be redistributing a whole lotta yummy stuff to a lot of needy folk.

luckily due to my chocolate fast until after marathon des sables the temptation to indulge was suppressed!

finally, finally, i had a meeting this week with a secret contact about getting tesco food waste, but that's just between us, shhhhhhhhh :)

now, go have a dynamite week, ask loads, and don't be afraid of rejection, reports on my desk next week :)

blue skies,