good morning,

how the devil are you?

peachy i hope?

as this blog lands with you i will have been driving the support vehicle for mathew pritchard's £100k challenge for a couple of hours on day 11 of his epic challenge, so i am writing today's blog thursday evening, and before i started writing it, chloe suggested doing a vlog instead, which actually seemed like a good idea, as it would have been quicker, and allowed me to go to bed earlier, current time 19:51, as i am absolutely beat.

however, to initiate doing my first vlog on a night where my brain isn't working too well cognitively, due to sleep deprivation, and also looking particularly dishevelled due to starting to grow my 'playoff beard', i mean 'marathon des sables beard'.

when i played hockey, bg (before google), whenever your team made the end of season playoffs, many players would adopt a 'no shave till we either lose, or win the playoffs' policy, and one of my hockey hero's billy smith always performed brilliantly in the playoffs, with the bushiest of beards ever, so my role model was created.

i kinda did well in playoffs, they were my thing, and when the pressure was on i loved it.

so as we qualified, the wilkinson was given a break, and grizzly adams came out to play.

this psychological trigger did me well through playoffs, and when me and chloe climbed kili i did the same thing, i think it kind of focuses my mind on the task ahead, and probably makes me think of past successes, so every challenge i undertake i stop shaving, which doesn't help this battered old 52 year olds boat race look any better, and in fact ages me significantly, so vanity kicked in, and i decided to go blog rather than vlog, for your safety as much as anything, but i may enter into this domain when time and makeup artist permit sometime in the future, geez how vain do i sound!!!

anyways, my time this week has been pretty consumed by running in prep for mds, and driving mr pritchard around south wales on his travels, which has been a pretty emotional rollercoaster of a ride, and we are only on day 10.

this ex crazy man is impressing me daily with his strength of body, and just as importantly his mind, though thursday morning, having fallen off his bike the previous day and badly bruising his ribs and lats, i picked him up at 5.30am to head to the swimming pool to start his tenth day, with him in a very melancholy mood.

mathew has been very aware that we need to film his endeavour to encourage people to engage, and hopefully donate, and up until now he has been in fine fettle every morning, but today tiredness and pain were setting in, and a small amount of fear.

fear that his injury may halt his efforts, and as i suggested we video him, i knew he was going to find it tough, but tough is exactly what this challenge is, have a look.

however, he dug deep, got in the pool, swam 38 lengths, then tenderly climbed the metal steps, and walked gingerly to the changing rooms.

three fellow cyclists joined him for the cycle, and they rode in convoy with yours truly feeding and watering as we drove through the welsh countryside for 56 miles.

arriving at peter alan estate agents in cwmbran the waiting throng cheered him, and people donated into the buckets as they passed, amazed at his story and the general consensus was that he was a warrior, which was a word i heard a few times, so when olympic gold medal winner jamie baulch sent a personal message to mathew i smiled when i watched it, please have a look, and one of the things i noticed was how he really looks extremely passionate about what he says, i for one am loving this journey, i hope you guys feel the same

so wish him luck, follow him at or donate here

in other news our bigmoose pal kris king is working hard on organising cool events, which are pretty out there in terms of doability, but i just wanted to share this lush trailer for one of the events, and whilst i personally wouldn't want to do it, the photography is beautiful, have a look.

my eyes are now creeping shut, so i am going to depart to the duvet forthwith, but i hope some of these crazy cats inspire you to do something mad, and outside your comfort zone, which just reminded me, i received this e-mail this morning, which i had to share, as this stuff is what sparks me up daily.


I'm riding my bike 50 miles this Sunday in the 2016 Tour de Cure in Central Florida.  It is a small #monthlymoose for me. I don't do enough of these and need to make more time for it.

The ride is a fund raiser supporting the American Diabetes Association.

I’ve had a friends, a co-worker and a family member that have had diabetes, and am looking forward to riding 50 miles for them on Sunday. 

Since this will be the first time that I've ridden in an event like this that has an individual fund raising goal. My amount is the minimum $200 amount. Thanks to my friends, I am going to meet this goal by Sunday. As a first time fund raiser, it has been a little stressful, especially before I hit my goal.  However, I will do this again.

I tip my hat to you and have a lot of respect for you and your Big Moose organization.

I still have my Big Moose t-shirt and will wear it proudly Sunday morning when I sign in for the ride until I have to pull on my cycling jersey and hit the road.

Take care Jeff.  I'll send you an e-mail next week to let you know how the ride went.

so thanks greg nixon, i'm sure every one of the bigmoose family will will be willing you on, and i will share how your gig goes next week, great effort matey, good luck :)

so until next week, please be nice to other humans, 

i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,