good morning to ya,

i would like to apologise to you for not doing a blog last week, i could use some flannel excuse, but wearing my heart on my sleeve, i was exhausted.

as regular readers will know i have been supporting mathew pritchard's challenge, which has been a brilliant thirty days of my life, but added into this, training for mds, and ninety minutes a night of hypoxic training, this 53 year old reached last thursday night with a 4:15 alarm ahead the next dawn, and something had to give.

now my health is very important to me, and the effects of overdoing it midway through mathew's challenge could have meant dropping the ball mid play, and potentially screwing me up for mds, so i made the call to not stay up late, or get up early to write my weekly blog.

now at the time this caused me consternation, as if i commit i like to deliver, and if i'm going to write a regular blog, barring mishaps i should do it.

however, on reflection i kind of like the fact that i was able to prioritise what was most important at the time, and also recognise that really it wasn't that important, i'm sure you'll agree, and sometimes in life we get caught up in worrying about what we really shouldn't be worrying about, and as the alarming stats on mental health and depression show, a lot of people worry far too much these days, but if you see any of you in my actions, always put your health, physical or mental first.

shoot, we're off to a serious start today, i'm tempted to tell a joke, i have a great simpsons joke, but i'm not sure if you're ready for it, maybe another time.

talking of jokes, this thirty days of working with pritch has been a tremendous success with mathew breaking the world record, and completing his target of doing thirty half ironman distances in thirty days, which has been brilliant, but one of the bi products that came out of the gig was i have not laughed so much for ages, constantly.

i tried to video as much of the challenge as possible, and the amount of times we all just collapsed laughing at various things along the way was too many to count, my personal favourite was when mathew's brother adam who came out when possible to support, kind of hit the wall on day 28, and went into meltdown about his old bike which was a piece of s***e, and he started to berate it as it lay motionless on the floor in a way similar to that famous john cleese scene in fawlty towers where he beats his car with a branch, as we all literally collapsed laughing, doubling up, my stomach muscles hurt as i tried to compose myself, great fun.

the gig itself was amazing, and i felt very privileged to have played my part in helping mathew, and as well as becoming a confidante, driver, pseudo coach, i also felt we became very good friends throughout the experience, and it will stay with me forever as a madcap journey which i truly think will have some effects i never thought would happen.

the biggest thing that i never expected was how many people of all shapes and sizes, ages, gender, colour and creed, were being inspired by this ex crazy guy who was now showing that he could do some amazing physical and mental feats, and every morning at the swimming pool at 5.45am there would be a group of people joining in on the swim who had never met him, but just wanted to join in to support.

we had people who had come from huddersfield, london, devon, southampton, cornwall, the list goes on, and all saying the same thing, we saw it on social media and wanted to join in and help.

they would drive to the pool, do a half ironman and then drive home, and the amount of videos i shot with grown men saying how inspired they were, was amazing.

social media is something that people will have lots of opinions of, good and bad, but in this instance it has been extremely positive, and working with my second born chloe, aka fluffy, i think the coverage was quite powerful, and we seemed to be hitting everyone i spoke to, and i saw one blogger say that "unless you had been living under a rock you would have been aware of the challenge" praise indeed.

part of our job was to protect mathew, not just from drivers who were on their phones and crashed into our van as opposed to mathew,

but also to protect him from negative social media, as that stuff can be poison, and a decision was made early on for team bigmoose to control his social, and deflect anything that might upset his mindset, but we needn't have worried, as there was only one non supportive comment throughout the thirty days, which i feel was testament to the love that people had for mathew and the challenge.

the other reaction to the challenge was the impact mathew was having on schoolchildren, and as such we had three schools interact along the way, running, cheering, and high fiving him, and now have morning assemblies planned for the journey to continue, which i am very proud of, and hope becomes a bigger piece of the picture.

on a personal note, as well as getting sore abs through laughing i have also met a whole new group of lovely people, and seen a lot of them jump on the bigmoose groove, which is great, it's almost like there is some kind of invisible magnet that is drawing people to what we do, and if you are reading this, hopefully this will make you smile :)

to conclude, me and fluffy met this geezer some while ago, and the thing i like about him is that he had a vision, planted his flag in the sand and went for it, and we were lucky enough to have been along for the ride, so thanks mr p for inviting us, we had a lot of fun.

as you can see, the beard is now in full flow, and this means it's mds time, so this time next friday i will be in the air on my way to morocco to run (walk) the 'toughest footrace in the world', so the media machine describe it, and i can't wait, i am so excited, and this also means i will be able to eat chocolate again, as my training regime dictates no booze or chocolate for three months prior to my challenge, but upon arrival at gatwick its cadbury's central baby, twirls are us, it was pure hell looking at all the easter eggs just recently, i'm really not joking, and i resorted to inhaling the fumes of broken eggs like a bit part player in midnight express, true story!

one of the cool things on this trip is that we can be communicated with via e-mail, and what the organisers do is collate all the e-mails daily and bring them to us on paper, not particularly eco, but kind of cool to get messages from home whilst you feet are dropping off and you are contemplating why you actually decided to do this ridiculous thing, lol, here is my number.


so if anybody wants to help keep my spirits up, an e-mail of encouragement would be gratefully received i'm sure, and i think you can track how slow i am going on the website.

i will be sharing a tent with my running coach rory and seven others, (they're big tents!) and i am looking forward to the whole event, it looks pretty mad from the videos i've seen, and will deffo take me out of my comfort zone.

thanks for reading this week, there is a lot of other exciting stuff going on at bigmoose hq, but until we have confirmation of it i am going to just bite my fist in anticipation, but hopefully we can let the moggy out of the bag soon, keep coming back :)

have a great weekend, and don't forget to do your monthly moose for april.

until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,