good morning,

as ronan says 'life is a rollercoaster'

this week for me has been very up and down with some really good stuff happening, and some really pants stuff too, all of which keeps me reminding myself that we should live for the moment, and live life to the max.

since returning from the desert and mds, my old plates of meat have taken a bit of a battering with bits falling off left right and centre, and my knees have been as much use as a chocolate fireguard, making clicking noises, and giving me surges of pain like i'm being shot by a sniper every now and then, which is actually quite comical, as i walk through busy places and suddenly nearly crumble, yelping like a puppy with no one in sight, i must look very strange.

however, every day sees me grow stronger, and last sunday i went for a long beach walk, which, whilst extremely picturesque, did make me twitch a little as that feeling of sand under foot in the desert came back to me, but i did do a cheeky couple of minute run along the shoreline to test knees and feet, normal service has nearly resumed.

for me maybe, but not for rory my running coach, who shared my mds journey, as well as my tent, and has been my inspiration, training me to run 100k last year, and then to mds completion last month, he has come back from morocco to discover that he has guillain-barre syndrome, which possibly like you, i had never heard of, but wiki describes thus

Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rapid-onset muscle weakness caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system. Many experience changes in sensation or develop pain, followed by muscle weakness beginning in the feet and hands. The symptoms develop over half a day to two weeks. During the acute phase, the disorder can be life-threatening with about a quarter developing weakness of the breathing muscles and requiring mechanical ventilation. Some are affected by changes in the function of the autonomic nervous system, which can lead to dangerous abnormalities in heart rate and blood pressure.

really long story short, rory has gone from being one of the fittest people i know to being unable to move his feet, and as he told me a chance of 100% recovery or death, no real grey area then, what the heck, how do you cope with that? 

you fight and do your best, as i know rory will.
so my running coach and good mate is now residing in a bed in the heath hospital in cardiff, and is on a range of meds, with the probability that he will be in for the next five or six weeks, with lots of tests and monitoring going on, and hopefully 100% recovery, but for now it is extremely worrying.
i have been up to see him, and he has kept his sense of humour, but his face looks like he has had a stroke, and he smiles differently, and he can't lift his feet off the floor without lifting them with his hands, it is horrible to watch him in this condition, but this is one of the toughest guys mentally i know, so if anyone can win this one he can.

since he has been in hospital he has ramped up his blogging to daily doses, and if you have a strong stomach check out his story here

now as rory is stuck in a hospital ward with a pretty massive challenge ahead of him, i would really love you to help me to help him, and perform a monthly moose in the process.

now whilst on mds away from civilisation, every evening we were given e-mails printed out on sheets of a4 that had been sent to us by friends, family and loved ones, and i think everyone in the tent would get emotional as we read these messages from home, encouraging us to carry on, not to give up, and how we were doing so well, and i know they were a massive encouragement for us all.

so in true mds style, which will appeal to rory, i would love you to help me help him by dropping him a line at this e-mail address, possibly wishing him well, encouraging him never to give up, that kind of thing, which will carry full monthly moose points, make him smile, make you smile, make me smile, and for the sake of thirty seconds do something very cool for another person.



so that was a crap start to the week, but hopefully with our help, we can lift rory's spirits and keep him upbeat enough to beat this crazy disease.

it improved in a few ways, one of which was our campaign to run the cardiff half marathon in october, raising money for emily clark's charity appeal, which we announced here last week, and we now have almost 50 runners, all pledging to raise a minimum of £200 which is pretty amazing, and i think the vibe of all training together and being part of the bigmoose crew will be brilliant on the day, especially at the end when we all congregate together to celebrate.

so to everyone reading this who is joining us, thanks, and if you are reading but aren't sure, be brave, go for it!!!

e-mail if you want to join us at

i forgot to mention also joining the bigmoose crew is world record holder for most consecutive half ironmen, mathew pritchard, who has agreed to become an ambassador for bigmoose, repping the brand, and what we stand for, and joining us to give encouragement, inspiration, and a few laughs along the way, so cheers for joining the team mr p, we're proud to have you onboard.

i wrote half of my blog last night, and as my phone woke me at 5.30am today i checked to see the progress of my friend greg paul and the team from himex, who set off last night to attempt to summit mount everest.

i looked at facebook, and the post i wanted to read was there "he's done it, greg has summited".

this was great news, greg was on the hill with me in 2014, and has had a number of aborted climbs in the himalayas, none to do with his prowess as a climber, but all to do with conditions, and external circumstances, but he has dug deep, continued to believe he can, and today achieved his dream, and i bow to his tenacity, and feel a mixture of emotions, happiness that he has accomplished his goal, but sadness at myself, as i have recently concluded that i won't attempt everest next year as i won't be able to fund it again personally, and i won't have time to try to raise corporate sponsorship due to other time commitments, so it will have to wait, which is a bit of a bitch really as i don't feel i am practising what i preach about living for the moment, so we shall see, and as i write this rory is texting me telling me to do it, oh what a paradox.

so for now, i will salute greg and the team, and keep my fingers crossed for my other muckas tim and charlie, the amputee, who are on the north side of the hill, and aiming to summit over the next couple of days, climb safe boys.

todays blog is slightly melancholic, so apologies for that, but sometimes ronan's right, life really is a rollercoaster, but the bit that is probably most important part of his song is where the lad from the emerald isle tells us "you've just gotta ride it"

so until next week, hold on tight, and make sure you enjoy the ride.

blue skies,