good morning to ya, i hope you're good?

i am feeling a lot better than last week, and my plates have almost recovered, although i totally grossed out my family on sunday when my big toenail came off, almost without any cajoling, i did put the video on our family whattsapp, woops ;)

so plates are better, mental state is better, man i was struggling for a week or so, but we are back firing on all cylinders, and i really can't wait to get rolling bigmoose style.

so what are we up to at bigmoose hq?

last week i met up through a friend of mine with a ftse 250 listed company who want to do some stuff with us, but we've gotta keep shtum for a little while until they are happy for us to tell the world about the connection, but if it comes off, it will be pretty cool, so all digits are firmly crossed, and i am trying to keep an air of cool about me when they have been e-mailing me, yeah right, as i've said many times i really don't do cool, but i'm trying not to get too excited or wee myself.

so, incontinence avoided, what else have we got going on?

oh man, this one has me buzzing, and i am announcing it here first to you guys, as you are our biggest supporters, and i have some mini rewards for those who jump onboard first.

as i wrote in a previous blog we recently lost our friend emily at the tender age of 18, and emily was in the middle of fundraising for the bone marrow transplant appeal at university hospital of wales to make the ward bigger and better, and to improve the facilities.

now she has left us, her mum donna and family are continuing the fundraising in emily's name, and the new improved ward will carry emily's name as her legacy, and as such i want to help them with their fundraising.

i have spoken to donna and got her blessing, and so we will be setting up our just giving page with all the bucks raised going to the cardiff and vale health charity who will be ring fencing all the money raised for this project.

so how are we going to raise money?

well last year we rustled up a running posse of about 20 folk, made up mainly of my mates and their mates, and we all ran, repping bigmoose in the cardiff half marathon, but didn't push any fundraising, so this year we are going for it, for emily.

the plan is you register with us, we set you up your own just giving page as part of the bigmoose crew, and commit to try to raise a minimum of £200, which you have five months to get, and even if you don't hit it we won't ostracise you, we'll just work harder to help you get it.

we will be designing some dope running shirts which we can all wear to show our love, and we will be getting bigmoose crowd points along the route, where friends and family can stand and cheer our crew as they all run past, and there will be an after party where we can all go to eat drink and be extremely merry, and take lots of celebratory team pics.

i reckon with some effort we should be able to get fifty runners, and if we all raise £200 that is a nice big fat round number, so come and join us and run for emily, and if you need a training programme we will get you one, and if you want encouragement we will give it to you, and if you want diet and nutrition advice we will help you with it, together we can do anything.

we have some super running experts in our midst, so if you've ever wanted to do something like this, now is the time, take the jump, dive in, be enveloped by the love that your fellow bigmoose crew runners will shower you with, tell your mates what you're doing, tell your work colleagues and become a part of an amazing tribe, i really want to make a lot of noise about this so we all remember emily and her legacy, so come and join us.

for the first people that register we have some running shirts from last year that we will give you for training, so jump onboard, and e-mail us at

in other news, last night a friend of mine gareth jones who is lovely gentle welshman who is doing some amazing work with his welsh ice project which is as innovation centre for startups in wales, a very cool business, no pun intended, invited me to grab a beer and some scran with a couple of his mates he thought i would get on with.

i met gareth a year or so ago when he came along to help us volunteer on a cold winters night feeding the homeless, and our paths have crossed a number of times, and i have grown to like him and what he is doing, and he never stops amazing me with how innovative the stuff he does is, he is a real pioneer.

so yesterday afternoon, i headed off to meet g dog and his pals, and if i am totally honest i didn't want to go.

i have so much going on that i felt going out for beers and some dinner was somewhat self indulgent, and i had tania's words ringing in my ears as i left, 'you know you always enjoy yourself when you don't want to go to these sort of things' this woman is always right!!!

i met captain gareth, as he is known, with his two pals tom and andy at the city arms boozer, which really is a boozer in the old school style, and ordered a beer.

tom newman is a charismatic craft brewer of successful welsh beer celt, and you can have a look at his story here and he is a very intelligent, very funny guy, and now in his 40's has discovered he can do headstands, and as the beer flowed andy, sharp as a tack, suggested tom become a yogi, and then he he could brew yogi beer. 

these boys were fun.

andy it transpires is very funny, very intelligent, and wears loud shirts.

i am normally somewhat skeptical of loud shirt wearers, but this cat was just that, a cat.

he is too multi layered for me to tell you about him, but please check out his amazing business 'the tyf group, good for life' here  and as we chatted he educated me about b corps.

hands up if you know what a 'b corp' is?

ok you guys, let the others find out for themselves.

i wanna be a b corp don't you?

so last night i laughed out loud more than i have done in ages, i met some super cool people, i have learnt about b corps, and a shed load of other stuff, and i've expanded my friendship group.

so, a big thanks to captain gareth for the invite, and i must never shy away from invites, you never know what might happen.

i have so much to learn about in this world, but it is such fun to learn every day, so why not join me if you're not already pushing yourself, it is so good to maximise your potential and you kinda owe it to everybody else on this lump of rock to be the best you can be while you're here.

if i had a microphone i would drop it and say boom :)

instead this blog is my voice, thanks for reading, thanks for believing, and thanks for what you're going to do today to enhance our world.

till next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,