bonjour beegmoose friends,

this was was my homage to the host country of the euros, which i was reminded of when using google for the first time today.

for those not into football, the euros are a mini world cup just for european countries, which a british home nation has never won, but we have improved our odds for this tournie with wales, england and ireland all competing, which hasn't happened for some time.

with two welsh daughters and now residing in wales, it is always difficult for me when there are major rugby or football events, but hopefully it will be an england v wales final, though i think i might have a meeting in london that day!

anyway enough about football.

this bigmoose week started with our first running for emily training run, and i think there were about twenty five people in attendance, and we all ran either a 5k or a 10k, on a lovely balmy evening, which had the sun providing us with a great natural backdrop as we ran across the barrage in cardiff bay.

now as i remember this event four days ago i smile.

the reason i am smiling is that it was a new thing, which everybody that turned up must have had a small amount of nerves about, meeting new people, being dressed in sportswear, having to run in front of others, all slightly intimidating.

however, it was a really lovely vibe, and donna, emily's mum, and holly and ewan, emily's siblings all came along, which was great, and in case you haven't seen it on social media here is a short video, with a lovely message at the end from donna.

people talk of roi, return on investment, but the roi on this running for emily project is for me very much return on involvement, and i hope that if you are reading this, and able, you can get involved in some way, whether running the half, or attending the race to support on the day, as i have a feeling it is going to be amazing.

so as well as the inaugural training run, with everybody wearing a smidge of orange, totally repping bigmoose, which was great, it was also very cool seeing the support that a new group of people were giving each other, and i am aware that people have swapped numbers, are arranging to run together, and generally making new friendships, which is an awesome bi-product of this project, long may it continue, bigmoose doing it's thang. (that wasn't a typo, just me trying to be street, not quite sure if i pulled it off, i can't quite do the finger thing while saying 'thang' very well, oh well, work in progress)

also, a big thank you to the two nick's, semmens and butter (no jokes he's heard them all) who led the running groups, and especially mr butter who is one of my tent mates from mds, who came over from bristol to help, and will be there for all our training runs, what a rockstar :)

and a quick bigup to my running coach rory coleman who came down in his wheelchair to offer advice, and give support, which just shows his strength and resolve to beat this crappy disease he has got, but hopefully it won't be too long before he is back on his feet, where he belongs, thanks coach.

last coupla bits of running news, our current total number of runners is a mouthwatering 105 people, which if they all stood on each others shoulders, would firstly be a world record, and secondly allow the top person to wave down at someone at the top of the blackpool tower, now there's a thought 

hands up if you actually visualised that?

cool though huh? :)

and drumroll please..............

the last bit of bazooka running news is about one of my ex cardiff devil hockey mates merv priest.

now merv used to play hockey in a time pre facebook, and now sports the same colour hair as myself, but where we differ is he is very clooneyesque, and now works in his words 'fighting crime'.

now me and a gang of old hockey mates have a whatsapp group, which gives us a method of communication when trying to arrange a night out, which happens probably bi annually, but the interim time is made up of old hockey mates abusing each other in a fashion that is, on reflection, shocking, non pc, and probably at some points illegal, but we are from a bygone dressing room, where you had to rely on rapier wit to survive.

the reason for this backstory is to highlight how this next piece of news happened.

basically, one of our group knew merv hated running and suggested publicly that merv should join in running for emily. 

the bait had been put in the trap.

merv made the mistake of actually replying, saying that he 'hated running', and the chase was on.

banter ensued, and pictures of old hockey teammates holding 'run merv run' signs appeared on my timeline, and even  a world champion boxer.

more and more 'run merv run' references were made, and i reached a point where i knew something was going to happen.

merv offered a challenge to the main protagonist, which on reflection was a rookie error.

merv's challenge was that he would run the cardiff half if the protagonist could get three ex teammates, that nobody knew the whereabouts of, to send pictures holding 'run merv run' signs, one these teammates merv thought was dead, and one who the last time he had been in the protagonists company they had a full on fisticuffs bar brawl.

the gauntlet was thrown down, and cometh the hour cometh the man, keats delivered the pictures, and merv's fate was decided.

the whatsapp group watched as the play unfolded, and as every picture arrived on our timeline we all knew there would only be one winner.

keats is a terrier, always was, always will be, but with a heart of gold.

friday tolled, and keats delivered the full gambit.

merv had challenged and lost, and the spoils were keats, he would watch merv running in a race he didn't want to race in.

but there was to be a twist in this tale.

merv, withdrew his pistol, (please don't denegrate this story with euphemisms!!) and shot into the air.

if i am going to run this race, i'm doing this i want to raise £10k!

none of us saw this coming, and at first, i for one was shocked.

but, a following phone call with merv, revealed a desire to use our hockey network to try to do an amazing act, so 'runmervrun' is now an actual thing, and has a social media presence, and his commitment has taken us up to almost £25k pledged, which is genuinely way above my expectations.

so, merv, keats, carse, wardy, cj, coops, stinger, stoney, archie, chewy, cowie, thank you for getting involved, and for continuing the bigmoose ideology, and i look forward to watching how runmerverun turns out.

not a bad week all in all, and bigmoose keeps on trucking, woops i just forgot, i was asked to speak at the inaugural waste food summit in cardiff, which was very interesting, and being on the same bill as tesco was quite daunting, and today the cbi lunch in cardiff have offered to raise funds for bigmoose, so we are going to ask them to donate them to emily's charity fund, and try to recruit some more runners, so watch this space for how we do :)

have an amazing week an keep trying to leave the world better than you found it,

till next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,




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