good morning ya'al,

i really do not know where a southern u.s. drawl has appeared from as i bid you good morning, i sometimes confound myself, anyway sorry about that. (my inner voice, please tell me that you have an inner voice too, otherwise i really am in deep here, just did a sneer at me in a very judgemental way, and it was probably judging how mental i appear discussing channelling some kind of character from huckleberry finn, and admitting it, wow, that coffee has kicked in quick!!!)

anyhoo (not a typo, i just like that word every now and then, and a quick google of the word reveals "definition of anyhoo. an informal and humorous spelling of anyhow" that's me, informal and humorous, google have provided me with my dearly sought after epitaph, well that's one off friday's to do list)

if you're still reading these java induced scribings, you probably have an inner voice too, who at this moment is nodding in agreement asking "doesn't everyone have an inner voice?" don't worry we're all friends here :)

so, how was your week?

now although i don't get to hear what all of you bigmoose folk get up to, i do get to hear from a growing number of you who get in touch to let me know the cool stuff you're doing, and how bigmoose has inspired you to step outside your comfort zone, which is the lifeblood of what we do, and is what pushes me and everyone involved in bigmoose to keep evolving, so please don't stop, however small the thing is that bigmoose inspires you to do, tell us about it, because that warm fuzzy feeling turns potential energy into kinetic energy. (and mr mukherji my physics teacher said i never listened, pah)

this week i have had a few nuggets of pure gold which i will share, the first being a text from a friend in canada who of a similar age to me, and having a very successful career in real estate, fell into doing some acting, and after discovering that she loved it, has continued in this world, and this week has actually made her directorial debut with a short film, and very kindly told me she was inspired by bigmoose, how amazingly cool!

the second natural gem this week was a text from a chap called steve, who reached out a while ago when he read about me and chloe setting out to climb mount kilimanjaro, and he and his daughter were due to tread a similar path, and he sought out advice on a few bits which i gladly gave.

from this connection he has shared his journey which saw him summit kili with his daughter, and form a similarly strong union as we did.

as well as the climbing stuff, the text he sent me this week informed me of how he and his family had a holiday bungalow in the peak district, which after renting it out to long term tenants who left it in a horrible state, bigmoose inspired him and his family to completely renovate it, adapting it to allow wheelchair/mobility/special needs/visually impaired visitors, with a wet bathroom with grab rails throughout, a sensory room for autistic children and a visually impairment friendly paint scheme, how properly brilliant is that???


(although i don't wanna become a philanthropy based gumtree, i am aware that we might have some readers who are interested in renting it, so drop me a line if you want details) 

the other bit of his text that made me smile read thus

"the whole bigmoose thing has been a long distance moral compass (not that it ever pointed the wrong way - it just needed some ooomph to get moving) and you are genuinely partly responsible for us deciding that life wasn't a rehearsal and we should do this and put something back"

so, gary cloonan, ya big lump, when you shed your mortal coil, and we said goodbye that afternoon, neither of us could guess how your passing could work as a positive thing inspiring some person in the peak district to change their life for the good, now that's some legacy huh!

so, as i'm always drumming on about, get yourselves out there do some super shizzle, don't hold back, brave it up, say yes more, and then when you smile broadly please let us know, it's infectious.

so before i sign off today, i just wanted to let you all know that we are looking at possibly trying to gain proper charity status, as i think we need to grow, and this journey we're on can touch many more people's lives, so watch this space for how this develops, and thank you for supporting us in such a way that this growth is necessary.

stop press, hold the front page, karen dellarmi our friend who has given herself a heeeuge goal of losing 8st has just sent me a text saying and i quote "does happy dance" which is great news, but worthy of a blog in itself, so next week we'll share more of her inspirational story on her weightloss journey, needless to say i am rather excited :)

blue skies,