morning bigmoose crew, how goes?

i owe you an apology, last week i sneaked away for cheeky week's holiday, and come blog time i sat down to write my musings, and had nearly signed off when my trusty macbook decided to crash on me, i have no idea why, but when chrome breathed life back into the device, their was a ghostly silence, and where once i had scribed, was a fresh, clean, white electronic page.

inside, my head screamed, while externally i stayed calm as tania enquired 'are you ok?' obviously my assumed calmness had actually failed to convince the world, 'yep, just lost the whole blog'.

'didn't you do it on word?'

as she asked this i knew that the last time this happened i vowed to write my blog on word, which autosaves, as opposed to squarespace which doesn't.

we both knew the answer.

'no' i muttered with disgust at myself, and at the fact my stupidity had had a light shone on it.

'do you want to start it again?'

'nope let's go for breakfast' i exclaimed, knowing that taking another coupla hours to pen my jibber jabber, was not fair first and foremost, and second i was hank marvin.

so dear subscriber, i will be writing this on word to avoid this kind of mishap happening again, and for me to miss providing my weekly roundup of bigmoose news, and reminiscing of this quinquagenarian's life.

(between me and you, i just copied and pasted this from squarespace onto word, so we should be good, i can’t believe i nearly did it again, and if anyone dares to e-mail ‘old dog new tricks’ i will hunt you down!)

so the only sign that i have been away is tan lines where my flip flops sit, which is a drag as i have just bought some bedrock sandles, which are like industrial flip flops that you can run in, and they have different strap lines how annoying ;)

i first saw bedrocks on my first ultra last year i saw a few people running in them, and after reading ‘born to run’ about the tarahumara tribe of mexican indians

i had wondered what running an ultra barefoot would be like, though my feet are the most sensitive ever, and i look a complete wimp just walking barefoot on a beach, which if i’m honest resembles tippy toeing with absolutely zero amount of masculinity on show, so it will come as no surprise that i do not do this very often, bedrocks it is then, i will report back whether they work.

what a great natural segue into more running chat, i didn’t even plan that one.

running for emily

hopefully you know what this is about and if not have a quick look on our website

if all goes to plan by the time you read this we will have 100 people signed up to run for bigmoose, raising some ackers for em's charity, and generally spreading the word and love about her and her short life.

now i am pretty proud of this, mainly because although i often think ideas will be great, until people buy in by committing to help, i never really know, but by 100 human beans signing up to join the bigmoose crew it shows me that it was a goodun, so if you've signed already, take a bow, and if you haven't, please e-mail me at and we will add you to the congregation, and we will rejoice :) 

sticking with the running stuff, our first bigmoose crew training run is on monday 6th at 6.30 starting at the senedd in cardiff, and i am pretty scared, as it will be the first one we've done, but i think it's gonna be fun, and i've gained a load of inspiration from running crews i follow on insta such as midnight runners and black roses nyc, both of who have been very encouraging to bigmoose, cheers fellas.

so lotsa running on the agenda, and one thing i thought about recently was that, back when i had hair and a faster pace, i used to play five a side football for the local radio station, red dragon as it was then, and their football team.

now whilst running around the astroturf, i became friends with all the red dragon staff, and had some great times with them, where they spoilt me and my kids by getting us backstage passes to pretty much every gig that came to cardiff, and there are two ex red dragon employees nick davidson and tanya lynch who have both signed up to run for emily, and it will be great to work on this project and share some stories with them.

nick and i especially had some great times, and i remember vividly when nick was md of xfm when they launched in manchester, and he put me up in the lowri hotel in manchester and then the launch was in harvey nicks, then onto a club somewhere that i had never heard of, but i remember this cavalcade of black 4 x 4's delivering the guestlist to the door and my first experience of proper paps, and then as i was drinking and chatting with this chap with a very strong accent in the downstairs bar, realising as we chatted that it was mani, the bass player from the stone roses, who if you don't remember the stone roses shame on you, but here's a taster from yesteryear.

remember them?

nick is also only one of two people in the world who call me louie.

why louie?

well one night after a hockey game in cardiff i went up to the bar in the rink, and my crazy defenceman shannon hope called me over to meet nick for the first time, and introduced me to him as louie, which i thought i had either misheard him, or there was a gag i didn't know about, so kept silent.

i soon met nick again, and as we met he addressed me 'hi louie' to which i politely replied 'hi nick'.

this carried on for some while, 'hi nick' hi lou' he even shortened it, before somebody who knew me overheard him calling me louie, and asked why.

i didn't know, and said it just seemed rude to correct him, so eventually when the time was right over a few brews i explained that i was actually called jeff, to which nick replied 'that's alright louie' and forever more to nick i am louie, which i actually like :)

i did ask shannon once why he had introduced me as louie, and in shannon's inimitable way he explained, 'he didn't have a clue, it just seemed right at the time'


we have had some good news on our prison project, and after my recent meeting, we have had the green light informally to work with cardiff prison to take business mentors into the prison to meet and engage with the prisoners, and then continue the relationship when they are released.

i have got a number of mates and contacts who have agreed to get involved, so watch this space for how this project unfolds, and if you fancy being a mentor please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

this is a slightly tricky subject i felt, and could expose ourselves to some criticism for helping people that have broken the law, and as i talked about it on social media i breathed in, hoping not to get too much aggro, but in fact got a ton of support, and only one caustic comment form an unknown chap who enquired if we would be looking to help victims in a similar way.

this is a very valid point, which i informed him we weren't currently, but would love to discuss whether he would like to help us initiate such a scheme, as we would love him to get involved.

i haven't back yet from fred, but i'm sure it's only a matter of time.

fred does however have a point, but i would suggest that by reducing the number of prisoners who reoffend we are reducing the number of victims there will be, so curing the problem at source, as opposed to mopping up spilt milk when the victims have already become victims, much better in my opinion, what do you think?

we also uploaded a video of our supertri 2 last night, which i am pretty proud of as it shows lots of the kids that took part really enjoying themselves, so if social media isn't your thing, here is a link to it, i hope you like it.

so, time rolls on and if you watched that video you are probably late, and possibly red eyed, sorry about that :)

so until next week, stay lucky, always save your work, push your circle, run like the wind, and enjoy the ride.

blue skies,