wow, that was a pretty momentous week we just had in the uk, i hope you are all ok?

i have had a number of meetings this week where i have chosen not to talk about politics, football or religion, i've tried to keep it vanilla, though it's hard to stick to the rules, but i guarantee that will be the last you will hear about those subjects here, so this weeks blog will more of an update, as a couple of cool things that have happened this week, so with no further ado, and in no particular order we shall begin.

when i was a kid and there was no internet, wow can you actually remember when there was no internet?

seriously, think back if you are of an age that is able.

wow, it was a different place wasn't it, no e-mail, no social media, no online banking, no shazam, and no idea what your friends and family's grub looked liked.

well back in that three day week, electricity strike ridden time, i was a young boy with flowing locks who, i remember vividly, cut out a picture of david bowie and took it to the hairdressers called 'smile' in london asking for the same haircut as him, and being told that i should grow my hair even more so they could emulate it, which prompted my hippy phase.

oh and while we are on the subject of hair, i have recently shaved my head, for no reason than to eliminate the friar tuck look i've been rockin' for some time, and go with one of the few 'styles' left available to me. the only reason for mentioning this is to alert any of you that see me and get shocked prompting 'are you ok' comments.

so where was i?

oh yeah, pre www.

well there was an ice hockey magazine called 'the hockey news' which was, and is, like the softcover bible for n.h.l. ice hockey in north america, and it wasn't available in the u.k. and the only time i ever got a copy of it was from someone i knew who was travelling transatlantic, and growing up a finsbury park boy, this kind of person didn't really exist too much in my world.

so the arrival of the hockey news, with it's pictures and articles of my distant heroes, goalies of the era, who unbeknownst to them were influencing the little lad across the pond to be like them, and i remember reading an article where one such hero talked of eating pasta pre game, and then asking my mum what pasta was, and could we get some as that was what billy smith my idol who played for new york islanders ate.

my mum explained that pasta was just spaghetti, and from then on spaghetti became my pre game meal of choice.

stories of billy smith in the hockey news were indeed my scriptures, and i can still remember the joy of smelling the pages as they were opened to reveal the stories of goaltending deity's.

so, you get the picture.

well now in 2016 the hockey news is still at bat, but now has it's online presence as well as my revered tree based offering.

so that's the backstory, but here's where i nearly peed my pants, i get an e-mail from a reporter from thn enquiring whether i would do an interview for them, at which point i know this is a windup from my hilariously witty ex-teammates, good one fellas, did you really think i'd go for such a cheesy attempt to catch me out.

anyway, dear bigmoose reader, we both know i wouldn't be sharing this story if it was just a prank, so it turns out thn want to do a feature on what retired hockey players are doing now, and somehow, via part of leonard kleinrock's legacy they had found the lad from n4.

so next month i join billy smith, pelle lindburgh, grant fuhr, and other legendary characters of my youth in the publication that inspired me so much over thirty years ago, which whilst probably not gonna make such an impact on any teenagers life as they did on mine, you just never know, but when i am recounting stories of grandad jeff's hockey career to future smiths, i feel certain this will be part of my anti insomnia arsenal for aforementioned offsprings.

billy smith

billy smith


so, on review that has absolutely nothing to do with bigmoose, other than it makes me smile, and i wanted to share it, sorry about that, i shall await the unsubscribes to rocket!

anyway, bigmoose stuff.

huge news!!!

cardiff prison have said yes to us going in to doing a mentoring programme to try to reduce reoffending, and i am now trying to get together my team of mentors, so if you are reading this and fancy rolling your sleeves up and getting involved in our most daring of projects, which has lots of risk of failure, but the reward of the success could be amazing, please give me a shout on 07977585548 to discuss how you can get involved, i am very proud to think a years worth of work has opened up this opportunity, and i hope we can take it to the next stage, and save society hundred's of thousands of pounds, and reduce misery of victims of crimes that without our involvement will inevitably happen.

so that was a biggy, and let's hope with your help we can make this happen, or if you know anybody that might want to get involved please get in touch.

i am conscious of time and length of blog, so my last bit of news is that i have decided on my next adventure, i am going to go back to everest.

photo courtesy of tim mosedale

photo courtesy of tim mosedale

well i hope i am going to, it will all depend on raising the funds to go, but i am going to work super hard to do this, and hopefully by this time next year i will have fulfilled another of my dreams.

now although this is a very selfish adventure, and is totally about something i want to achieve, i am hoping that we can inspire people along the way to do their own everest in their world whatever that might be, and this trip is going to be a massive challenge for me in a number of ways, so hopefully following my joy and pain along the way will be entertaining.

i am however in a quandary about how to keep bigmoose and my everest journey separate, as i don't want bigmoose to be everest based, and i don't want to bore bigmoose followers with constant mountaineering tales, so we will be setting up an everest website, and social media platforms, which if you're interested you can jump onboard, which i would obviously love.

i am not going to shout about everest on social yet, but wanted to share with you lovely lot, as i need to to tell somebody i am so excited, and just as a behind the scenes update as to what made me decide to go back, i had been dreaming of going back since '14, but a close friend of mine glyn white came over to my house for a catchup recently, and asked me what my next adventure was.

i replied that i would love to go back to everest, to which he asked why wasn't i then?

jeff: i am scared.

glyn: what of?

jeff: failing, failing to raise the money to go, failing to summit, just failing really.

glyn: so you tell people to step outside their comfort zones, do stuff that scares them, and yet you aren't going back to everest?

jeff: that's kind of it i guess.

glyn says nothing, just stares at me.

jeff: ok, i'll do it, but i need help, you ****** i'm still scared.

glyn smiles.

we all need a glyn, and in twelve months time i hope i can write a big thank you to him publicly, but in the meantime there is going to be a lot of prep needed, which i hope you will find fun to follow.

so, that's my news, now hopefully in some small way me manning up and following my dream might influence you to go forth and do your thing, and if do let us know, cause and effect rocks!

oh yeah finally the bigmoose running crew are now 115 runners strong, and we have our second training run this monday coming, so hopefully see you there, and don't forget to wear something orange :)

have an awesome week ahead, and do something that scares you, i am :)

blue skies,