this morning the world has woken to another tragic selfish act of killing, and i am sickened to read of the method these killers have employed.

i went out last night to a party to celebrate the fifth birthday of a friends business, and enjoyed meeting new people, and felt the room was full of happy smiling faces glad to witness this success, and after the party i then went to a meeting of nine invited business people who all have social conscience very high on their agendas, and were all looking at engaging with 'bcorp', which as i have written about before, which is about running business as a force for good, and i would encourage you to check them out, they have some great ideas.

i returned home feeling happy about the world as the enthusiasm and goodwill from everybody i had met washed over me, and i looked forward to working with new contacts to do bigmoose influenced work.

i woke from my happy slumber, and filled a kettle, and then sat to look at messages i had received overnight, and read a dm from a friend of mine who is cycling the length of the uk twice with his 17 year old son, raising money for world bicycle relief, an organisation that mobilises people through the power of bicycles, and the money raised provides specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs in rural africa; connecting them with education, healthcare and economic opportunities, and i felt happy at what jim and jake were doing, and wrote to jim how amazing that he was inspiring his son to do such a brilliant thing, and i smiled.

here is a link to some great daily blogs by jake.

unfortunately my smile was short lived, as i then saw a message on my phone saying that another friend had 'checked in safe from nice', alerting me that something terrible had happened.

i am sure that you will now be aware of the atrocity that took place last night, and although i have not drilled into the detail, at least 80 people dead, including children, and i don't actually feel i can write my blog, which i always try to be positive and inspiring with, as i actually feel so sickened by what has happened, so please forgive me as for this week i am struggling to do this, and out of respect, and although i never want these terrorists to stop us living our normal lives, i am struggling to smile on such a sad morning.

stay safe,