morning team bigmoose,

sorry about last week, that stuff just hit me really hard, and it felt wrong trying to shoehorn happiness into something, but hopefully you get it, and if so, thanks.

this week has been pretty awesome, with lots of amazing stuff going on that i'd love to share.

you all know i really don't like standing up and talking in front of people, but have recognised that it needs to be done to fast track our expansion, and also my own personal growth, and so therefore i will do what needs to be done to get closer to our dreams.

it was very rewarding then, that last week i was very honoured to get voted business women connect guest speaker of the year, and having made all the gags relating to this, self deprecation being my own particular forte, in reality i actually felt as though i was getting some confidence in my ability to convey this bigmoose journey, and engage with people, but this confidence comes only by doing the action, and i coincidentally saw a video clip of a guy i follow on instagram, adam rosante, talking about confidence, have a watch.

i think what adam says is very true, so get out there and do stuff, whatever 'stuff' you want to do.

so that was a pretty cool honour to be given, and very much a surprise, but then we got another surprise with a great e-mail from the wales startup awards, announcing we had been shortlisted as finalists in their forthcoming awards, and will now need to go to present to a group of judges, and tell them why we deserve to win this award, and i have already started scribbling notes on what we can tell them, i'm really nervous with over a fortnight to go!!!

so they were both great things, but there was quite a lot more that has happened, and i almost feel like i should bullet point them as there have been so many.

* i had a skype session with konrad brits from falcon coffee, who is going to support our bigmoose coffee shop with coffee, which is an amazing company who source coffee beans in a way that i really want to be associated with, check them out here.

* i had a meeting with a company in central cardiff who are also keen to discuss supporting our coffee shop, and i now have a second meeting this wednesday to hopefully take us closer to our dream.

* i had a chat with some of our mentors who are going to be volunteering to go into cardiff prison to hopefully engage with convicts, and to then work with them to stop them reoffending, and the energy and positivity was amazing, so next step is we all meet as a team to discuss our plan.

* i met a guy who is an old ice hockey contact, who now runs a business, as well as being a magistrate in his spare time, and he is going to work with us on the prison project, and he has lots of ideas, some of which are pretty sensitive until we get a green light, but he had me open mouthed when he told me, and i think the power of what he proposed to me will make anybody feel the same, i am so excited to get working with him, and share our plans with you, i think we are going to make a real difference. * the only thing i can tell you is what he is talking about involves a convicted killer!!

* i received my copies of the hockey news with my interview in, which i have had a couple of hockey people in canada contact me going 'oh my gosh this is huge' etc, etc, which i was aware of, and even more excited when i opened the issue on page 36 to reveal a double pager, totally blown away, this was like christmas morning times ten!!!

so some pretty top drawer stuff, but i would like to finish this weeks blog by copying and pasting a dm i got from jim, the dad of jake the 17 year old young man i mentioned last week, who was cycling with his dad, from john o' groats to lands end, and then back again, a journey of almost 3000km, and after my post last week i can report they made it, but here is the message i received from jim, which made me smile a lot, so i hope he doesn't mind me sharing it.

What an amazing experience, so proud of Jake and what he has achieved, the last day was full of emotion for a number of reasons. A mile from the end of the ride I stopped to have a word with Jake as I knew when we got to the finish it would be madness.  Spoke to him about how proud I was, what an amazing young man he had turned into (completely to how he had been the year before) how proud his mother was and that he should go and enjoy himself as this was his moment, I cried, let him ride off in ahead and it felt like we had been on this amazing journey from some distant tribe, completely engrossed in our own little world not knowing any of the horror that was unfolding around the world. I had taken him out to test him both body and mind, the test when he changes from boy to man, having tested him, he passed in flying colours and is now free to take on the world. Truly amazing experience to share with him. You must have had the same with Chloe going up killi. 

Thanks for all your support and the mention for him on your blog, he hasn't stopped smiling since coming home and we've both been riding. Take it easy Jim.

well jim and jake, you personify what bigmoose is all about, and thank you for sharing your story, i hope it inspires others to follow their dreams.

oh yeah, and finally, finally, we launched 'everest at 53' as we're calling it, on social media, and have now got our domains all sorted, so if you wanna follow the journey we are here, choose your weapon!

and whilst looking at everest stuff i found this beautifully shot video by elia saikaly who is a pretty amazing dude check him out here

next april that is going to be my home for almost two months, so i better get used to it, and watching it now gives me butterflies, i really can't wait, so until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,