well last week i thought i had done so well.

i went out for dinner with russell, and he complimented me on getting the old blog out pretty regularly every week, which turned out to be the kiss of death.

i set the alarm super early, and woke from my slumber in my cozy cocoon, aka exped 1200, ready to scribe.

deep in the depths of the alpine club basement, i thought i was well prepared, as i had researched the wi-fi code, which i smiled as i discovered was 'nanga parbat' the ninth highest mountain in the world at 8126m, one of only fourteen mountains that at are over 8000m, known as the 8000ers, and i typed it into steve's legacy.

that noise that used to be on family fortunes when somebody got it wrong echoed in my subconscious.

bugger, i couldn't upload my blog.

but i am a mountaineer, i plan and i prepare, but i also cope with the unexpected.

as i left the keys in our 'special alpine club aspirant members' hiding place for the keeper of the keys to collect them, i closed the door behind me, and stepped into the cool air of shoreditch, with my full on mountain rucksack on my back, heading for the nearest coffee shop with wi-fi.

i tucked into a tuna and cheese panini pre 8am i don't actually know why, but i have a feeling the morning after the night before 'whisky head' had something to do with it, as it wasn't my normal breakfast staple.

i uploaded my blog, wiped my chops, and headed off, bound for wales, happy in the knowledge that mailchimp, who send out my blog every friday morning at 9am would now do their part of the deal.

as the tolling of nine bells drifted into the distance, so it appeared my blog had got stuck in traffic, or possibly there were leaves on the line, whatever the reason, it was some kinda mailchimp malfunction, as i had done my bit.

i passed the celtic manor on the m4 and pulled into chez smith, opening up my electronic link to the world, and investigated why mailchimp had failed me.

i should have known better, the computer is only as good as the info we feed into it, and i had omitted to add in a subscribe bit thingy at the end of the blog, so attention consuming was my tuna melt, and had obviously confirmed send before i should have.

long story way too long, i screwed up, but hopefully you got it later that day, and as there have been no smokey peat based drinks consumed last night, we should be ok today.

so, this week has been a bit of a goodun, with a number of successes, and a number of work in progress things going on, but it has felt very busy, and lots of green shoots, so i am quite pleased with progress on most stuff.

monday night we ran with the running for emily crew, and the weather was pitiful, and as chloe and i stepped out of the car, we discussed how there would probably be nobody at the senedd steps, where we meet, and we totally wouldn't blame anybody, but low and behold the bigmoose crew of crazy diehards rocked up and did the cause proud, and i ran guard, running with liz, jo and em's mum donna.

this was fine, but i am still nursing a knee problem from mds, and was hoping to run the agreed 3 miles, which i could probably just about do, biting hard to avoid the pain, but when a mile into the run jo and liz started discussing attempting to run the longest distance they had ever run, in pouring rain, as we crossed the windswept cardiff barrage, i knew it was gonna be a long evening.

two miles in and hoping to turn around and head back, liz comes out with a corker, 'shall we just keep running, i hate running back on myself?'

really? i thought

'ok fine' i heard myself say.

'ouch' i heard my knee shout from knee height, where he resides.

so we pushed on through the puddles, with no real idea of how far we were going to be covering on this three mile run, though my guesstimate was gonna be close to double that.

jo and liz are two ladies who saw a video we put out a while back on social media, with donna and karen dell 'armi and then and there decided they were going to join us.

neither had ever run, and after their first run they were exhausted.

however, as with most things in life, consistency and persistency (i just made that up by the way) kept them moving forward, and i felt so happy that they chose the night they were running with sir limpalong to extend their furthest distance run, oh so happy!!

as the beautiful wales millennium centre came into view it was apparent that the girls who had never run more than over three miles, were gonna crack 5.5, and joking aside i was very proud of them as they finished, arms held aloft, liz with her extremely dirty laugh echoing as we ran.

inspired by others, and now inspiring other people themselves, bigmoose personified :)

as this week has progressed, so i have become more adult.

ooo, ooo, one thing i forgot about monday was that we have a fellow runner, a top geezer by the name of james morgan, who works for redrow the house builders, and as well as supporting bigmoose in a number of ways already, james told me monday that redrow will help with our coffee shop fit out when we get it, but that's between us. *winks and taps nose in unison.

oh yeah, acting adult.

i have been looking at p & l's and writing business plans.

not my fave bit about the coffee shop, but it has to be done, to make sure we have a robust business, that won't fail, and i have immersed myself fully into this world, and am now in the process of talking to the extremely handsome and amazingly amusing landlords to see if they will support us with a fabulously affordable rent (you never know if they are reading)

hopefully we can get an agreement that is acceptable to both parties, and we can invite you all along to help us build our legacy, and we can start work on getting the first person who is today living on the street, up on their feet and back into our 2016 society, and when we do, i will be a very proud man.

i will keep you updated :)

the other project that is moving along nicely is the prison project, and next friday i have a group of awesome people joining me for our first formal 'prison project' meeting, and i actually feel very honoured that the people i have coming along have agreed to support this idea, and the responsibility that goes with this one is pretty huge, so wish us luck, and if you suddenly think, 'stuff it i should be doing this', then just gimme a call on 07977585548 any time, we'd love you to be involved, as long as you're not some weirdo, which hopefully as you're reading this you're not, so to everybody that's made it through to next friday, you're not weirdo's, well not in my book.

guess who's had a second coffee?

yep that was me being adult.

along with p & l's and business plans, and arranging adult meetings, i also have to prep for presenting to the wales startup awards judging committee next week, as we have been shortlisted, but i really want to give a good account of ourselves, and be in with a chance with winning, so i now have the problem that is worrying me most, do i wear flip flops or not?

answers and advice please?

i am tempted to go toes ashow as this is me, so actually don't worry, i just answered my own question, toes r' us!

i meet the judges on thursday, but before that i head west to see my old mate liam burgess at nom nom chocolate, who has invited me up to look at his expansion programme (i was so tempted to go 'oooo missus' but i am an adult, and not so childish to do such a thing) with his chocolate factory, and has agreed to help us make the best hot chocolate in the world in our coffee shop, with his broken bits of chocolate, which i happen to believe is the best kind of recycling known to man, well this man anyway.

i may try to bribe the judges with a bar of nom nom, or would that be wrong???

we'll see.

finally, everest!

this week i have been very everest lazy, i went out and trained hard at the weekend, and then have done very little during the week, but i have started looking at my previous training schedule that i used in 2014 that everest guru alan arnette gave me, and will be formalising my plan imminently, as i know time slips away quickly.

so, whilst i have let my training slow, my attention was caught yesterday by the aforementioned alan's report on kilian jornet, the amazing spanish runner, who basically runs up mountains that take mere mortals like me weeks to climb, in hours, and yesterday he started his attempt to literally run up everest, mind boggling to say the least

i googled images of kj, and decided to go with the arty one as it's friday, beautifully lit shot huh?

i googled images of kj, and decided to go with the arty one as it's friday, beautifully lit shot huh?

kilian's pedigree is amazing, and if you like this kinda stuff, check him out, he really is an amazing athlete.


so, keep your eye on the news, as it should be today that he completes this amazing feat, and from cardiff, good luck kilian, keep pushing the boundaries mate, the world needs people like you.

last thing today, i just wanted to say a big thanks to chloe my daughter for getting our everest at 53 instagram rocking, as we now have 787 followers, and are getting tons of people liking the stuff she is putting out, so if you use insta give us a follow, we wanna get as many people joining us on our journey.

so wish me luck in the awards, and keep watch social for info on how stuff is going, and i just wanna say a big thank you for opening this e-mail every week, your support genuinely is invaluable.


and until next time, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,