good morning you little rockstar!

why are you a rockstar?

well by opening todays blog you've made me happy, and you have given me validation, so thanks for that.

a friend of mine recently told me that she needs validation for what she does, and i think if we're honest we probably all need validation in some degree, 'well done, that picture you painted is amazing', 'congrats on your personal best time in that race you just ran', 'wow you are so rich'.

the last one is a real struggle of mine, and i'm sure we all have "friends" that post pictures of their lives, and their extreme happiness and wealth, and the struggle i have is why do they do that, often the pictures are so well staged the amount of work they have gone to to get the shot is amazing, yet it is car crash tv for me, "they've done it again" i silently think, not being able to delete them from my feed.

'but hey don't judge, smithman, they are only doing what we all do, they are searching for validation', and i am as guilty as them in my craving for my next fix.

specifically, i'm a numbers guy, it all started when i played hockey, most things in my life seem to go back to that part of my life, and as an 'adult' i now realise what a large part of my current world my hockey life/career was to play as a shaper.

so, as a goalie in hockey, you are measured on goals scored against you per game, so if you played three games, and let in two goals, four goals, and three goals, your average goals against would be three.

the next form of judgement is percentage save average, phew, stay with me on this.

in one game you have forty shots taken on you, as noted by the goal judges, and you let four goals in, so your percentage save average is?


every 10 shots taken you give up a goal, so one goal per ten shots, so your average saves per goal is 90%.

sorry to throw this at ya, but stick with me on this.

so as a pro hockey player getting a paycheck every month to stand in front of five men aiming a vulcanised rubber disk at you, propelling it at speeds faster than newtons law of gravitation on earth, whilst standing on ice in boots with blades attached thinner than a female worms tight fitting dress, and attempting to stop the aforementioned black biscuit from entering a twine encased cage, i needed numbers, i need numbers bad, and i needed validation.

on entering the general managers office to negotiate next years contract, the figure we eventually agreed on every time would have some relevance to goals against and percentage save average.

"but smitty you're playing on a great team, they make you look good" i remember hearing, "but johnny", his name wasn't johnny btw, "the stats don't lie" and he agreed, "ok you got me", numbers were currency.

validation by numbers.

and so it grew.

every week i look at how many people open my blog, and every week i crave validation, and when i see a message from mailchimp, for a nanosecond i hold my breath, is it a new subscriber, or an unsubscriber, yayy i jump out of my chair punch the air, moonwalk, and fistpump like a fifty three year old dad.

obviously that last bit is fiction, i have never done that. ever. well maybe once, but don't judge me, at the time it felt like the right thing to do.

moving on.

so, inadvertently, and until now you weren't even aware of it, you are giving me validation, and as such in my book (unwritten thus far) you are a rockstar, so thanks.

i had recently been wondering whether my weekly jibber jabberings were becoming pointless, mundane, and tolerated, more than what i wanted to achieve, which is a little bit inspiring, and possibly somehow making a difference, and it's funny, whenever i doubt myself, something always happens to make me go, 'stuff it, get up you lazy sod, and write some stuff, and see how it fly's', and this week was no different.

last week i threw in the fact that a new vista had presented itself to me whilst writing my blog, and how beautiful the sunrise was, and from nowhere unprompted, a load of you guys and girls sent me pics of your own sunrises and sunsets, which were lovely to see, and great for me to realise that we kinda think in the same way, and that your sunrise evoked a great emotional connection, so send as many as you want, i don't think i will ever tire looking at them.

also, right on time when i needed it, a random e-mail from bruce in newcastle.

i don't know bruce, and i have no idea why or how bruce has subscribed to my blog, but the fact he chose to e-mail to thank me for his 'weekly fix of inspiration', was both validation, and actually what this is all about, if together we can inspire one person, that's cool right?

so cheers bruce, your five minutes you took to e-mail me has proved inspiration in itself, and it's funny how the small things can make a difference, and this leads me on to a challenge for you guys.

i have recently been reading a book by the ceo of starbucks, who wrote about another ceo he knew who would end meetings scheduled for an hour, fifteen minutes early, and tell everybody in the meeting to go and reconnect with someone they hadn't spoken to for too long.

so today, my challenge for every one of you bigmoose rockstars, is to call someone, old school i know, that you havent spoken to for far too long.

a friend, a family member, someone that like bruce writing to me, you will make happy.

we only get a certain amount of sunrises and sunsets, and none of us know how many, so make the call, and when you get off the phone smile, you will have done a small but huge thing.

i have loads more i could write today, but i actually think ending on us all making that call is a perfect ending, so i will jibber jabber no more.

have a fantastic week, love one another, and don't be afraid to vocalise it, everyone needs to use that word more often.

till next week, live the best life you can, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,


p.s. last week little fluffy who nows works with me, went off to shoot some pictures for a mag we are working on for a client, and called me to tell me the weather was awful, and how she might not get anything good, i encouraged her to shoot some stuff anyway, and here is one of the shots she came back with, i kinda liked it, wodja reckon?