morning ya'al,

i hope you're all peachy and you've had a fun packed week?

i am writing this blog thursday evening as i am london bound early doors, and as i type i am noshing nom nom chocolate, which is so so delish, and if you've never tried it, you seriously should, i am currently scoffing halen mon salt and milk choc, which is unbelievably good, though my fave is peanut butter, which for me mixes two of my favourite foods in the world, and had i not been training my arse off this week, i would feel guilty, but man i have ramped up the hours this week, and i am absolutely loving it!

my head is in everest space, and getting up at 5.30 every morning, to get to the david lloyd for six, is becoming easier, and the dark and cold of autumn just add to the resistance, which in some kind of masochistic way gets me amped, i love it being super difficult, and will start mixing up my training next week.

this week has been running, so i'm on course for the cardiff half on oct 2nd, and stairmaster for ninety minutes a day, which is really getting me burning the calories, but i think the base foundation of fitness having done mds only six months ago, is there ready to be woken up.

next week i am going to start some upper body work, and some walking in the swimming pool with a weighted pack, which makes me look like a weirdo, (nowt new there then lol, before you say it) but is great training.

i met up with the new gm from the david lloyd, wayne, and told him about everest, and he was extremely receptive to a number of ideas i have, trying to get the club aware of what i'm up to, and getting involved with a number of everest based challenges in the gym, and the club generally, which is brilliant, as hopefully added exposure may bring some sponsors onboard, as if i don't raise the money i'm not going, so if you know anybody that might be interested in getting involved in any way please hook me up, i really don't wanna fail at the first bit, of actually getting the money, gulp, no pressure smith!!

so, the david lloyd are full on, and hopefully we'll have some fun with it, and wayne wants me to speak to their kids clubs to explain what i'm doing and get them following my journey, which we both talked about how cool if somewhere down the line one such child did something amazing, and referenced us telling him or her about everest, and i can't wait to dress up in my down suit and boots and waddle around like la la out of tellytubbys!

inspirational i hear you shout, or was that something else?

anyway, last week we won a highly commended award at the wales startup awards up here, so big thanks to liz and dylan for organising such a cool event, wales and cardiff especially are doing some great things for business and socially, with last week having a weekend of craziness, with the whole city celebrating the life and work of roald dahl, which looked amazing, nice tekkers cardiff!!

all hail the giant peach :)

all hail the giant peach :)

oops, i forgot to say thanks for your involvement in us picking up this award, and i know it whiffs of warm camembert, but without you bunch of bigmoosers we have no supertri, no abseil, no food collection, no haircuts for the homeless, no running for emily and local charities have a lot less splish splosh splash donated, so thank you, and as wiser folk than me say you need teamwork to make the dream work, so raise your right arm, and gently pat yourself on the opposite shoulder, but preferably not in view of any family members, on a train, or with anybody in a uniform or high vis clothing close by. 

in other news, the coffee shop is getting closer, and we are now waiting to see if our hopefully new landlords work out an amazing deal for us rent wise, but hopefully by next week we will have a number, so if we get an affordable arrangement, be ready for me to start begging for you guys to join in and help with kitting the place out, we'll need all kinds of tradespeople, as well as many donations of materials and labour as possible, i am scared witless that no one will show up and help, and with the whole project really, but hey you know what, some things are worth fighting and working for, and though we're all scared, there will never be a perfect time to start this, but if we give it our best shot, that's all we can do right? what do you think??

as well as gym training, today i hooked up with my running coach rory, who as regular blog readers will know, recently got struck down with gbs, crippling him, and putting him into a wheelchair.

well the great news is that rory has been making a phenomenal recovery, one step at a time, and today i was so proud to run with him for almost five miles, and up a particularly fierce local hill in leckwith, and back, and he will now be running the cardiff half marathon on oct2nd, which is amazing, even though he says he may have to walk some of it, but my prediction is he won't, it was very emotional running with him today, remembering him telling me on the phone gbs either kills you, or you recover 100%, but it can take years, the man is an inspiration of strength.

rory is also into his music, and today he told me about a band called public service broadcasting, who have a track called 'everest', have a listen.

what do you think?

i really liked it, not that i am completely consumed by everest, whatsoever!

so, everest at 53 beer!

it's about to be brewed, so get yer orders in quick, at 5.3 abv it will be stronger than stella artois, and we will be putting it online as soon as it is canned, i have to admit i'm a little excited.

ok, i am off to the smoke tomorrow, and back as quick as i can for the second awards gig in a week, but this time with friends of mine vickie and dai woodsford, who are clients, but more than that are mates, who are both awesome athletes, with vix having done mds the year before me, and completing her first ironman last week in tenby, and dai an accomplished athlete who has completed the gnarly norseman, check this puppy out, when i say gnarly, i mean it :) 

i kinda like the look of that.

so, i've gotta go now, i need some kip, but last thing, the drone boys kev and ryan are gonna be doing some filming for me of us climbing in north wales i think mid october, which is pretty exciting, and hopefully will appeal to sponsors, and help pull this project together, so a big thank you to them for offering their professional help, it really is appreciated, and i refer back to my earlier reference to team work.

so until next week, have a great one, and live and love well,

blue skies,