gutten morgen ein bigmooser,

how goes your week, hopefully if you have dustbins (kids) they will have adapted to their new surroundings as they head back to education, and if you're back from holidays, i hope that you are refocused, re-energised and ready to go.

now this bright cardiff morning i would normally write my blog from my home office, which is a lovely workplace, bright, warm, and very comfortable, but yesterday i decided to work in our lounge, open up the doors, and feel the sun on my back, which was wonderful, and i haven't moved my makeshift work station back to my desk, so this morning i decided to write in the same place.

wow, what a difference, the view as the sun is rising and creating this most beautiful vista, with reds and blues and greys as the dark clouds are lit by this powerful light source is stunning.

i recently had to photograph a sunrise over the bay in swansea for a client, and i have to say sunrises and sunsets never fail to amaze me with their beauty, and if you have any surrounding landscapes including coastline, mountains, or even just high places if you are landlocked, heron tower in london gives spectacular panoramics dawn and dusk, then check out the times the sun rises near you, and get up super early, and go and watch nature do what it does so well, it is so worth it.

sunrise at my gaff at 07:50

sunrise at my gaff at 07:50

so another sunrise, another day.

don't take it for granted though, you only get so many, so celebrate your time here by letting their glow wash over you.

so, as i peer over my shoulder the painting has changed, with the pomegranate hue now taking up most of the sky, fudge that's beautiful :)

so as well getting super mushy over sunrises, this week has been super fun in camp smith as my first born tiffany the actress has returned to her hometown to film a major tv show up here with a starring role, which i can't mention too much about, but for the smith parents it has been very much a bite your fist with excitement week, as she keeps sending us pics from the set, and it is great to see the perseverance of our flesh and blood paying rewards, as she will be seen by millions one saturday evening soon on mainstream tv.

she also has a movie coming out this week as well, which is another horror, that she has done recently, and this one was a real edge of yer seat one, and when it's released i shall probably shout it's name out so you can go and buy it and watch it.

the last movie she did she was on the cover of the dvd case, and it was on sale in supermarkets, and the picture we have of tania in asda holding it up for a selfie mouth wide open was very funny, we are pretty proud parents, and tania proceeding to tell the cashier why she was buying it was very ricky gervais :)

so, to balance the blog coverage of both smith kids, youngest one chloe went out and ran 9 miles towards her cardiff half marathon attempt in a few weeks time, and from having never run in her life, to nine miles, is a pretty awesome feat, but she was very close to emily who we will all be running for, and uses her much like i use moose to inspire us to try to achieve our potential.

so now i have patted both offsprings on the head blogwise, i will just mention that today i am going to prison.

don't act shocked, you totally know what i mean and why.

today our bigmoose volunteer mentors take their first steps inside cardiff prison and see what i have seen, so it will be interesting to see what their thoughts are after, whether they get the buzz that i did, or if they head for the hills, never to be seen again, hopefully the former, watch this space.

in a bit of everest news, i have had a meeting this week with global drone systems media, and gds guys kev and ryan have agreed to film my journey for free as their donation to help me get there, which is pretty awesome, but also pretty humbling as well, as having people offer to do stuff foc isn't normally my world, and i sometimes struggle with it, and get a bit emosh, but tiny tears didn't make an appearance this week, which was good, as kev and ryan are both strong climbers, and the fact that ordered a peppermint tea painted a start up picture, but had old blubber chops made an appearance, their kind offer might have been rescinded!!

coffee shop stylee, things are moving forward slowly, but we have had a mystery donor, who i will talk about more when we get the shop, but for now this company are a granite company, and they have said they will supply us with granite worktops for the coffee shop, how amazing is that!! 

also in coffee shop news, i have a plan that we will roast our own beans with our super duper coffee roaster, and then we will sell them to you, all over the world, on a monthly basis, so basically you sign up to pay x per month by standing order, and we send you our amazing freshly roasted beans, which not only smell and taste brilliant, but also help fund the training academy and coffee shop, so you will be supporting us from afar, and having told gds media dude ryan about this, and he has signed up to be our first member of the bigmoose coffee club (i literally just thought that name up!), how frickin cool, thanks ryan, we better get a coffee shop now!

so that's kinda it, and as the sun rises behind me, i'd better go and get ready for my visit to the prison, i'm nervous, but also pretty proud that we've got a number of people who are putting their belief in this project, so after today i have no idea if the energy will still be there, but let's keep our digits crossed, as step by step we try to leave the world better than we found it, and as the saying goes if you wanna change the world, surround yourself with people that wanna change the world.

so until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,


p.s. i will be riding a static bike outside m & s queen st on saturday with mathew pritchard raising bangers and mash for his 100k challenge if you're passing come and say hi.