ola bigmoose folks,
i hope 2017 has started well for you?
mine has been a bit frenetic if i'm honest, but then running my business, looking at opening a coffee shop, training and trying to raise the money to pay for my ticket to climb everest was never gonna be a quiet period of my life, and where last week i suggested living life to the max, i feel quite confident that i am doing just that, and will probably enjoy living in a tent for ten weeks starting in april just for a rest!
this week has been particularly busy, but brilliant fun, and we have had some great positives come from nowhere.
completely left field we have had two relatively new friends contact me separately to tell me that they are going to be doing some crazy adventures, and are going to raise money for bigmoose, which without wishing to sound wet, is really humbling, as it means they want to help us, and probably bigger than that is that they believe in us.
i hadn't really thought about this until now, but having people believe in you is really so important, and as i type this i am thinking that this is pivotal in much that we do, from when we are children and need our parents to believe in us, to when we enter the work environment, the boss that gets the best out of us is always the one that shows they believe in us, wow i'd never really thought about that before, this blog mullarkey works well for me sometimes :)
so, as well as the two rockstars who are going to be raising some bangers and mash for us, we also had support from one of my clients, peter alan estate agents.
i have worked for peter alan for ten years, and have done some great work with them, and their m.d. andrew barry is a refreshingly open minded client, who embraces technology, and lots of whacky ideas that i often bring to our meetings, and has been discussing how his company could get involved with bigmoose, and due to the success we have seen working with cotswold outdoor and david lloyd clubs on our 'grab your coat' project, has this week implemented getting all 28 of their branches across wales to become drop off points for people donating warm clothing and bedding for us to distribute to homeless people.
we launched this two days ago, and the response has been awesome, including wales online picking up the story, and reporting on it, which is really great, and hopefully bodes well for future projects.
as well as the 'grab your coat' gig, the g.m. at david lloyd clubs, wayne isaac, is going to be helping us with the coffee shop project in a number of ways which are really exciting, and great to have these big hitters really buying into bigmoose.
wayne and the david lloyd clubs cardiff are also supporting me on my everest quest, and have asked me to have a natter to their members during their forthcoming 'wellness week' so, lots of positive shizzle coming out of the journey to nepal.
oh yeah, and they put a big banner with muppet features on it, which i have to walk past every time i go to the gym, i may start wearing a disguise when i train!
talking of positives to come out of going to everest, we have been going to more schools to talk at their assemblies, and i have to say talking to the children that we have met so far has been brilliant, i wish i could share all of the funny, and also very sweet things that i have seen and heard, i only hope the kids are getting as much out of it as i am, coz i'm really loving it.
away from everest based activities, this week we have been to see a chap called pete who runs a successful independent coffee shop 'the plug' in a place called dinas powys, just outside cardiff, and pete is gonna train us, and roast our coffee for us as we start on the coffee shop project journey, and next week we are jumping in with both feet, and buying a big hessian sack of columbian coffee beans, we're gonna roast them, and then we're gonna sell 'em to anyone that will buy them, and that will be the start of our bigmoose coffee co., you probably can't get smaller beginnings, but hopefully a cool part of the story, so check pete and the plug out on social, they are great.
i am conscious i am rabbiting a lot today, and i don't want the 'long blog' police jumping all over me, so i'll try to wrap things up, but just a couple of other exciting things that have happened, the first one is a watch company have been in touch, and if the planets align hopefully i will be working with them on a project which will help fund my trip, so watch this space, and secondly buckle up for a proud dad moment, my first born, tiffany the actress, is a main character in 'casualty' tomorrow night on prime time bbc1, so get a new betamax out, set the timer, and support her by tuning in.
sorry about that, but i am super proud of her, she grafts really hard, follows her dream, and is starting to get some breaks, which is awesome, and as i conclude this weeks blog, her journey kinda symbolises what i guess i advocate. 
this week i had a question from a little girl at a school, who asked what i thought my best part of my trip to everest was going to be, to which i asked her what she thought it would be.
she paused and thought, before suggesting "the summit", which i told her i imagined most people would think, but that actually for me it is the journey.
the whole journey.
from the moment at my kitchen breakfast bar, with my mate glyn, who convinced me to follow my dream, to the trips to the schools telling children about trying to achieve their potential and never giving up, to hopefully raising the money to go, training hard physically, meeting some wonderful people, working hard, and hopefully summiting, and getting down safely, it is the sum of all the parts, not just one moment, and as I reflect back, probably  a great joy at the fact that so many people believed in me.
so to end this blog, maybe reflect yourself on how believing in people around you can inspire them to do great things, but that maybe we can all tell someone close to us how much we believe in them, and see how they react, you just might make a difference to somebody's life.
cool huh?
have a fantastic week, and i'll hopefully see you here again next week,
till then,
blue skies,

unfortunately, this week i am away as i type this, and i have discovered that the tec on the ipad i am using has some quirks, one of which is that it won't allow me add to add in the subscription bit, so it's not me being dull, blame steve, tim and the gang not me :)