good morning bigmoose chums,

how the devil are you this fine friday morning?

it's a bit nippy in cf3 aint no mistake, and as i single finger type this, one cup of strong columbian has already been inhaled, so bear with me while i head to the cafetiere for a refill.

ok i'm back, and as i purse my lips the dark roast aroma precedes the taste, and i realise that maybe i was born to have a coffee shop, and all this helping the homeless mullarkey is just a ruse to get my hands on a place where i can brew my own roasted coffee beans, and satisfy my addiction, under the guise of helping others, and i have this dr evil image in my head with me turning around in my swivel chair with a white persian on my lap and a cup of fazenda londrina in hand, inhaling first, and letting all those full bodied flavours wash over me, with orange nuances, caramel and hazelnut, mwahahahaha.

and i'm back.

sorry about that, kinda lost it for a few seconds.

coffee though seems to be playing quite a big part of my life just lately, and everywhere i seem to go these days ends up with me heading to the best coffee shop in the area so i can absorb their decor, their music choices, what their staff wear, the coffee machine they use, and importantly what beans they use, and the number of different coffee shops i have been to in the last few months is pretty mad, causing me to reflect that the market is very crowded, so will our shop work, will people come to us for their experience?

well, as in all things in life, one of the most important things for success is passion, and hopefully when we eventually get our bigmoose coffee co dream, the passion of everyone in the business will shine through and attract our audience, and as i breathe deeply thinking about the challenge ahead i have this feeling that it just might work.

last night before i pulled the shutters down on my thursday i mentioned to chloe that i was going to get up early, not go to the gym, as is my normal routine now i'm in full everest mode, write my blog, and then train after the blog was written, adding in that i didn't have anything to write about this week, to which chloe exclaimed 'are you kidding?'

she then reeled off a number of things that had happened, which upon reflection were kinda cool, which i could tell you guys about, and hopefully make you smile, possibly inspiring you to do something in a kind of cause and effect way.

but as i reflected on what has been a pretty fun week i decided that there were actually too many things to fill your friday blog with, so i would limit it to my top three.

so in reverse order at number three, this week i have been to a couple of schools, speaking at their assemblies, and meeting some great kids, with more passion and enthusiasm than you could shake a stick at, and the theme of my talks has been everest based, and achieving your potential, and having dreams, and my personal favourite tiny person i've met at these assemblies has been callum.

callum wants to be a mountaineer, and upon intense interrogation by chloe, it turns out that this wasn't an assembly based decision, he actually does want to climb mountains, so we had a picture taken, and one day let's hope he aspires to follow his dreams, i genuinely would love to have had some kind of positive influence on this.

i think we have spoken to almost a thousand children so far, so hopefully we can inspire a few along the way, it's been great fun.

at number two this week has been our 'grab your coat' campaign, where we have been collecting warm clothes for homeless folk in cardiff, and last night i met up with half a dozen staff from peter alan estate agents who expressed a desire to help hand out the aforementioned warm gear, and it was interesting to see their reactions, and i think they went home with a new appreciation for how tough it is on the streets, and how homeless people are actually very 'human', it sounds daft, but i think they were all humbled, and it will be interesting to see how it affects them, big thanks for coming along though, especially on such a freezing night.

which segues nicely into top slot in pick of the week.


jasmine jasmine jasmine.

this is a pretty mindblowing one really.

a few weeks ago i was contacted by a lady who told me that her daughter jasmine had been affected by homelessness, having recently been to the theatre to see a pantomime, and seing a homeless chap outside.

she discussed the situation with her nan, and decided to save her interval sweets for the person on the street, and as they left the show, there was now a homeless girl outside, and as she handed the sweets over, she thought about how lucky she was and how their worlds were so different.

this prompted jasmine to decide she wanted to do something more.

after chatting to her mum, i decided it would be good to meet jasmine to see if we could help her, and also if she wanted to get involved with bigmoose.

we met up, and ended up filming jasmine telling her story, as we felt it was very powerful, and we are currently editing it to put out on social media, with her mum and dad's permission obviously.

after i returned from my trip into town with the peter alan staff last night, jasmine's mum dropped me a line just letting me know what jasmine had been up to since we had met her, and i was kinda blown away.

she has collected 62 bags of warm clothes, and two boxes of donations.

run a cake stall to raise money.

and created her own brand.

jasmine has indeed been busy, but man oh man what passion, and my mind is boggled by the creativity and energy that this little girl has, and i feel sure that she is destined to do more great things, so keep an eye out for our video we will be putting on social media soon, and i am looking forward to having jasmine as part of our bigmoose team.

how cool huh?

well, as i look at the time, i need to go and pull a tractor tyre around the garden, such is my world, but before i scoot off to leave you to your day, i hope jasmine inspires you, i know she would love to, and as i mentioned before the law of cause and effect plays out in lots of ways, so if you do anything down to being inspired by jas let me know, i'm sure it would make her happy.

have a delicious day, and a fun filled week, and we'll catch you here next week, thanks for reading,

blues skies,