at what point do we switch from wishing people happy new year and enquiring whether they had a good christmas?

as i am unsure of this date, unlike the date we rush to disarm our tree and pack into the loft, various sets of lights and hanging glass memories of christmases past, by the twelfth night, so i will wish you a happy new year, and enquire as to the condition of your christmas?

do i actually mean it though, and do i really care?

actually yes, i really do care, and definitely more so than the pre programmed most random of stranger that you happen upon for the first couple of weeks of every new year, who probably doesn't, or am i being cynical?



i really do care, and i hope you did some cool stuff, spent time with loved ones, were more present, rather than just giving presents, and hopefully feel invigorated to start another journey around the sun, possibly using the striking of midnight on the 31st to herald some changes in how you live and work, though if anybody says 'new year new me' without guffawing after i may turn ugly.

don't, it's not big and it's not clever!

you're asking how my christmas and new year were, well thanks for asking.

christmas was very traditional, famalam central, great grub, zero booze for yt, and a new parlour game that saw the highlight of my year, as our friend shelley did an impression of a dancing robot, i may release the video upon signoff from shells, but needless to say it is a tonic i feel every person needs to watch at least once a day.

new year was spent with lovely friends, and resulted in all of us telling respective children who weren't with us, that we hadn't gone to bed until gone 4am, with the same pride as the kid who had come first in an exam at school, i kinda chuckled as i watched and heard this story recounted repeatedly by mature adults, the underlying story way more interesting than the headline i thought.

so, new year new me.

no booze, no twirls, or other cocoa based treats, and currently no carbs as i try to trim my fifty three year old body down to the shape and size suitable for climbing mount everest.

man that scares the you know what out of me, within six months i will either have some pants story of failure, or some great story of success, and as i type this my senses heighten, and i am pretty sure my blood pressure is increasing with every keystroke.

in for a penny in for a pound as they say.

now i doubt too many of you guys will be following in sir edmund hillary's footsteps like i will be dreaming of doing, however, you can do your own everest this year, something that makes your blood flow suitably fast, almost scaring you as you think about what it may be, and that i reckon should be something for all of you lovely bigmoose gang to try to do, your own everest.

stretch yourselves, broadening the circle in which you live.

i'm pretty sure i have talked about this before, but indulge me as i say it again, this time of year is quite good for reflection, and as such i would encourage you to do the rocking chair test, which consists of mentally fast forwarding to a place in the future where you are close to end of your days, and are sitting on the porch of your house in your favourite rocking chair, watching the beautiful sun go down, (symbolic huh?)

and as you bask in it's glow your mind turns to your life that you have lived, and you reflect on what you have done, and indeed how much you have actually 'lived', the opportunities you have taken, and the opportunities you have missed, for whatever reason, and you play things through.

if you look back, you won't be able to change those actions, as they will be in your past, and that may cause regret, which is a real shame, however, luckily we are living in the now, and you have a chance to take those opportunities, in fact create even more opportunities for yourself, which will in fact make that rocking chair experience more enjoyable, so why not choose now as the moment that you grab hold of life and live the rest of it to the max, it is after all a very short journey, shorter for some than others, and the truth of the matter is that you really would not be reading this blog had life not ended for somebody too early.

i am sure moose would have wished he could have said yes more, stepped out of his comfort zone more, and had more time to really 'live' his life, however he didn't get that chance, so maybe we, bigmoose mates, can use his experience to use our lives to the maximum, full speed, so that when we are on that porch we reflect on really giving it our best shot.

the day moose died changed my life.

in a very bad way, as i lost my best friend, but it appears in a very good way too, as it has injected me with a fuel that has made me brave, and when i get to that last sunset, i want to smile, knowing that i have had the best life i could live.

come along with me, nobody expects you to climb the highest mountain in our world, but you can try to attempt some pretty high ones in your own world, you'll know when they appear, we all do, and remember, it's a cliche, but we really do only get one go, so embrace it, live it, but not just live it, really LIVE it.

have a great week,

i don't even know most of you guys, but i love that you are reading this, so i guess i can actually say that i love you, and maybe that's part of the process, love each other more, live life even more, and try to serve our world along the way.

until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,