hey, how're you living?

well i hope?

well this saturday thing seems to be working out, as we are seeing more people reading the blog than ever, so hopefully it suits you ok, and today we've got a bazooka long video to share with you, so hopefully you'll have more time to watch it than on a friday.

but before i bang it on here for your delectation, a quick update of stuff bigmoose.

monday i drove a white van, a big white van. 

in fact a flipping huge white van.

and i drove it with my wingwoman aka fluffy ultragirl, as she is now known to her friends (me)

we drove down the m4 heading east, swinging over to bath, the place not the washing method.

we landed at mr x's heeeuge warehouse, and proceeded to load up with swag.

the aforementioned swag consisted of tables, chairs, stools, chandeliers, and all manner of stuff that is gonna make our coffee shop look cool and quirky. 

but tis ok, we like cool and quirky, so when we get it rockin, we'd love you to come down and hang out eat'n drink'n an bein' merry, whilst supporting our philanthropic enterprise, a proper mission led business. here is a picture of a sample of some of our swag.


so that was monday day, and monday evening our mates craig and aimee came over to show us their cardiff half/mental health awareness video, and here is a quick backstory.

craig and aimee met my girls some years ago when they worked at wagamama, and they have now gone on to be you tube sensations with over 15k subscribers to their channel, having a viral clip of aimee getting bashed with a fish, getting over 1.8 million views, and just being lush mates, with the same idea of doing kind stuff as us and you.

we watched the video, and i fought back the tears, feeling proud of them and everyone involved, give it a watch and hopefully you'll feel the same.

they launched it the next day, which was world mental health awareness day, and it has got rave reviews, so if you have time please give it a watch, or if you're busy, come back to it, it really is great, and one of the stories is just the best.


so how great is that?

i really hope you enjoyed it as much as us, it just shows what a little bit of help can do for others doesn't it.

so, as well launching the video on tuesday, me and fluff went to have coffee and lemon cake and meet the lovely lowri morgan at the chapter arts centre in cardiff, coz we love it there, and they do good cake!

lowri is a bafta and multi award winning television presenter, a world class ultra endurance marathon runner, and is one of only six to ever complete one of the notoriously difficult 350 mile non-stop footrace 6633 ultra in the arctic and the challenging jungle ultra marathon in the amazon forest. 

when she completed the 6633 she was the only person to finish the race, and i found it hard not to bow as she walked in!

we had a good old natter about running an' stuff, and i reckon we might become pals, watch this space.


lowri on the 6633

lowri on the 6633

that was tuesday, so onto wednesday.

wednesday we headed to cheltenham to do an everest talk at gchq, which if you haven't heard of it before, you can have a readup here. 


now i can't say too much, as it's even more top secret than mr x's magic warehouse, although similar in some ways, lol!

gchq is this amazing high security facility in cheltenham, where the national cyber security centre is, and the movie the imitation game was a part of.

now, as i said i can't say too much, but i can say i was rubbing shoulders with folk from mi5 and the cia.

say whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

i know!

i struggled at keeping it together at this one.

my world is certainly a bit of a weird place these days. 

my host for the day informed me there had been a ballot to hear my talk, which was oversubscribed, and told me that professor brian cox had spoken to them the other week, and i suddenly felt sick.

i had an hour to talk to these fellow humans, that i assumed were super intelligent, super fly, and me and chloe noticed a few that were definitely james bond material.

i opened by thanking them for protecting me and my family, and i think this caught them off guard.

as i flew through my slide show, talking about how bigmoose was created, and some of the stuff that we do, i saw a few heads nodding, they laughed at a couple of places they were supposed to, and i didn't spot one sleeper, so all in all i think it went ok, but man it was a pressurised one, but all character building i guess, though i have to say it doesn't get easier from a nerves perspective.

the good news is we have had one of the audience ask if we can go to their child's school to talk, and one lady who has a disabled child who is going to come to our next supertri, and has said gchq will bring a load of volunteers, so if you attend the next supertri and see a load of people with dark glasses on talking into their wristwatches, give them a little wink and tap your nose as you pass ;)

here is the building, which I loved the look of, very cool, though i did make myself chuckle, when inside this super security facility, and being asked to leave my laptop and phone in the car, i genuinely enquired "is it safe?"


by wednesday i had pretty much peaked.

thursday and friday were spent coffee shop prepping and writing the old book, which is coming along nicely, though i have slipped behind a little, but hopefully will get back on pace now the cardiff half is sorted.

as well as my everest book, i am also co-writing a children's everest book with the headmistress from winsley primary school, mrs wilson, who i love, but it does worry me every time i send a chapter over to her for her to read.

anyways, if you've watched craig and aimee's video, this week's blog will have taken up too much time already, so i will wrap things up.

in conclusion, we will be looking for help on the coffee shop project as soon as we sign the lease, and will be trying to hit it hard to get open as soon as possible.

our mate keith who owns merrylees construction is going be helping us massively, but if you know any building type people, we will need all kinds of trades, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and general hard grafters willing to get stuck in, so if you know anybody please ask them to get in touch.

also, we will be needing raw materials as well to build with, so if anybody knows any philanthropic builders merchants please give them our details.

i shall now get off my knees.

have a top week, and catch you back here next week,

blue skies friends,