hi bigmoose gang,

i hope you are in a good way, and the last 168 hours have treated you well?

as i write this it is pitch black outside and the wind is blowing a hooley, and it feels like we are deep into autumn, which as a season i have to say i love.

the colours of the trees, fallen leaves, conkers, and i have loads of vivid childhood memories of walking through the woods kicking through ankle deep leaves with my grandparents, so maybe the foundations of my love of this season were laid then.

as i continue to write my book, one of the best things to have come out of the experience is remembering things that have happened in my past, which are sometimes hidden, due to all the stuff we do now, but it's been a great exercise, and one i would recommend.

my goal with writing my book is not to get rich, believe me i won't, but more about sharing stuff, memories, belief that you can do anything you set your mind to, overcoming adversity, in many guises, and the journey to the top of everest, aged 53.

the other thing that will come from it, which i hope will be a good legacy, is that future generations of my family will have it as a reference point.

i am hoping that it will be fun for my childrens' children to read about their grandad, and what happened in his life, which undoubtedly will have influenced their parents in some way.

if i had a great grandfather that i had never met, but had climbed everest i would love to know about what had motivated him, what adversity he had overcome to reach his dream, and how people around him had played a massive part in achieving his dream.

i also feel that from a female perspective this would also be so brilliant to inspire young women, probably more so in fact.  

i think that had i got some archived scribing by my relatives from past generations it would make me very happy to really know my roots.

my nan started writing about her life before she passed away aged 99 and a half, and it made great reading, and as her grandson i loved reading about stuff that literally blew my mind how her world was back then.

so, although you may not write a bestseller, or possibly you think your life is not worthy of telling, it is.

your future generations will love to read how you managed your victories, your defeats, how you met you partner, those crazy things that happened when you were a child, i bet you are thinking about your past right now, and actually there is some great content there.

so today bigmoose gang, take action.

grab a pad, or open a fresh new word doc, and write some stuff for 25 minutes.

that's all, just 25 minutes.

if you want to write more, don't, save it for tomorrow.

if you enjoy writing, savour the feeling, think about the impact your scribings will have, and do some more.

it costs you nothing, except time, and don't allow that to stop you, get up a little earlier, i love writing first thing in the morning, when nothing in the house is stirring, it's very therapeutic.

one of the things i have been told about writing my book, is don't stop to correct grammar or spelling, or whether a word is correct, just write it down, let it all flow onto the page or screen, you can polish it up afterwards.

then think how somebody from the future will learn about your life and your experiences, and there is never a right time to start, so no excuses, 'i haven't climbed a mountain', who cares, i bet you have in your own world, everything is relative, i guarantee you will have a wealth of cool stuff you've done, that future generations will love to read about.

imagine reading how the transition from non internet use to todays world will sound, or the first mobile phones, all of which will be in my book, available from good book shops spring 2018, but i'm sure we will all have interesting fun stuff to write about, go gettem, and let me know if you do, i'd love to know, or read what you write.

well that was left field, sorry for that.

actually i'm not really sorry, if you get stimulated to write something, that's a great cause and effect i reckon :)

anyway, in other news, big congrats to my mate alex staniforth who has just been awarded itv north west fundraiser of the year, raising a shed load of cash on his recent escapades for 'young minds'.

i am very proud to know alex, and whilst i feel almost paternal toward him due to our gap in ages, i also admire him immensely for his drive and determination in all he does, and to do it all with such a challenging start in life, he inspires me massively.

well done alley cat.


such a dude eh?

so he goes down to london on the 30th to be up for a chance to win the national award, so please drop him a line to wish him good luck, or give him a follow on social, he is all over every platform there is :)

another bit of awesome news is my mate richard parks is gonna be a dad, and i saw him for the first time since leaving for everest earlier this year, and he played a big part in keeping me in the game with advice that i referenced every day on the hill, so it was lovely to hear his news, and to share my summit with him, and his smile and genuine happiness was lovely to see, good luck parksy be the best dad you can be, this is the best adventure you will ever have.

rich was talking at a llamau event i was attending, and llamau are a welsh charity who help young homeless people and vulnerable women in wales, and their 'impact' event was brilliant, as well as very sad when some of the people that had used their services spoke about their experiences, man this world is a dark place sometimes.

check them out here.


the same day i went to the llamau event i had also attended a 'school of hard knocks' breakfast meeting where i listened to two of their success stories told by two men who had both had awful experiences where drugs had taken over their lives, but with help from others they had turned things around, and both these events whilst upsetting in one way, were also extremely inspiring in another, and motivate me to keep doing the stuff we are doing.

so the blinking coffee shop!

man this is dragging on, it's so frustrating, we are so nearly there, and are just waiting for the legals to be agreed, i have no idea what is holding things up, but hopefully we will have good news soon.

i went back to bath to get another van load of furniture from mr x, and i am cofident we will fit the coffee shop out 100% with all the lovely swag they have donated, i am so grateful, and really can't wait to show it off.

finally, joão my ultrarunning ceo mate has launched his fundraising campaign with a video, and has a great response already, so i thought i would share that for you to have a butchers at as well.



top geezer eh?

so, lots going on as always, but i'll end this weeks jibber jabberings by punching the air in celebration that one of my great mates has got the clearance this week that he hasn't got cancer, yeah baby, there's perspective for ya, the game goes on, but never lose sight of how lucky we are, enjoy it while you're here, love one another, do good shizzle, and make a positive difference.

have a brilliant week ahead, do your thing, but make sure you do it leaving a trail of smoke behind ya!!!

blues skies,

jeffrey michael smith