hi bigmoose pals,

how was the last seven day chapter of your amazing life?

i started to type "mine has been full of rainbows and unicorns", and i questioned whether i was using it correctly.


i was.

sarcasm, ahh my lifelong friend.

my last seven days has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with euphoria at getting the coffee shop keys, then arriving on site with my mate rod bruce ex ice hockey chum, who didn't really need the hammer he used to bash walls down with, as his strength and power left everything resembling a wall crumbled on the floor in front of him!

rod recently blew sixty candles out on his birthday cake, but has more energy than most men half his age.

thanks rod.

we pulled a couple of plasterboard ceilings down and revealed a lovely vaulted roof, which will give the upstairs some real character and height, and when uplit should look pretty awesome.

our stripping out work further uncovered this.


which was a nice surprise.

as was this downstairs.

so, lots of interesting bits of character.

although this one was a little worrying.


old school building right there.

so the week started strong, and lots of progress, but then due to a number of reasons, things slowed somewhat, and our hopes of getting open really quickly before christmas waned a little.

we then had some amazing publicity locally, and lots of interest from all the main media sources, which will help market the venture i'm sure, so hopes soared.

then we became aware of the seating area outside our shop being used by lots of people that will definitely hinder our business, the worst of which last night i looked out of the top floor window and watched two guys jacking up, and then passing out, a really harrowing experience, and one which kind of rocked me really, so we will be facing many challenges i feel moving forward.

so, very much a rollercoaster ride ahead i think, but hopefully we can hang on tight and get to the end of the ride without being too shaken.

i think we have been applying too much pressure to open really quickly, but on reflection we probably need to remove the deadlines, and let it flow naturally, still driving it hard, but realising it will happen when the universe decrees it will, it's a journey after all, and we must enjoy it.

as well as the coffee shop we welcomed home our friends the holley family from florida and their adventures in disney, and they have had a fantastic time, and we were super proud to have sent them away for what will hopefully have given them memories of a lifetime.


lush huh?

so that was lovely to watch their daily updates of having fun with ben and micky and his mates.

we have also been working with three of my clients/friends, peter alan estate agents, david lloyd cardiff, and the university hospital wales, led by andrew, wayne and jayne, who are all going to be collecting toiletries this christmas for homeless people.

last year we collected over 1100 bags of warm clothes, but on advice from local homeless charities they have asked us this year to collect toothbrushes, soap, sanitary products etc, so if you are local to any of these places, and want to donate look out for the signs and drop off points.


so, a pretty busy week, which is always good, and on a final note in a week where there has been some pretty rubbish news in our world we have found a good news network, who only report good news from around the world, and we will be live streaming it via rss feed into our coffee shop, so you can access all the bad stuff elsewhere, but while having your java in our house we will give you a serving of good stuff, with rainbows and unicorns, we all need that from time to time right?

so we'll keep pushing hard, and hopefully inspiring you lovely lot to do some great stuff too, have a smashing week ahead, and be the absolute best version of you, you can be.

i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,