ni hau bigmoose friends,

sik jor fahn mei ah?

well i hope?


kind of you to ask.

this week has been rollercoaster central, leaving me a little cream crackered mentally at the tail end of it.

i shot down to londinium the night before my barclays talking gig, to make sure there were no monday morning delays, and i was fresh for the task, and ended up staying at the hoxton hotel in holborn. 

an unplanned gem of a hotel, sunday night, and the open plan reception area was absolutely rammed with people and a dj playing some funky tunes, which stopped me venturing out for food, and i stayed within the footprint of the hotel, and paid my donation to the dj's wages via my food and bev bill.

simple model, play music, make people happy, and they will spend money with you for your services, i mentally noted how well this was executed.

rise and shine, and wander over to the donmar to meet roy from barclays.

roy is a climber, and as his boss told me was the only reason they had booked me, and we joked at how the day was really just all about roy, who i had grown to like over the last few months of prep for the day.

i had been to the site and the room prior to this week, to make sure i was familiar with the audio visual setup, and the technician on site confirmed that all we needed to do was plug my mac into the hdmi port in their system.

i brought every conceivable connector and lead with me, and was 100% confident we would be good to go.

you knew before you read this sentence that av guy was a liar didn't you?

well not so much a liar, more a smudger of the truth.

no hdmi input.

i had a memory stick with my presentation in both mac based keynote format and pc based powerpoint, so we should be able to upload it onto roy's machine that was outputting on vga.

unfortunately, his works based computer was on lockdown and wouldn't allow my million plus gig presentation anywhere near it's usb port, wincing every time i got within 30cm of it. 

i sensed that my hosts, one and all were now getting just a little anxious, and roy asked if i had a plan b?

i did.

we could go direct into the projector three metres up in the air, slightly off piste, but sometimes those rides are the best right?

no ladders.

plan c?

stay calm smith.

now i'm not a panicker, but my presentation is definitely a visual one, and trying to describe the curvature of the earth as i looked back from 8000m on mount everest, whilst i would have a flipping good try, cannot really compete with the beautiful picture that accompany's my tale.

15 minutes to go, bags of time.

i calmly entered justin the tech's open plan office, and he must have known that i wasn't paying him a visit to talk about how disappointing the weekends football had been.

"we have a problem justin", i mouthed calmly, only now realising the comedy value of his name when the end of this story unfolds.

justin looked a little unnerved as he tried all manner of ways to spark up the system, all to no avail, until the eureka moment, "we'll use my mac" he exclaimed, pulling a fluffy white rabbit out of his top hat that he wore so well.

running out of the door, i looked at my watch and roy's face in quick succession, "i think we're going be ok", i gently said.

justin and his mac returned splendidly quickly, and my memory stick docked uneventfully in it's port, and did what mac's do, just worked.

the keynote uploaded, with minutes to spare, prompting me to shoot for the moon, "i don't suppose you could download my presentation remote software, so i can use my hand held soother, do you"?

"of course"

right answer justin, right answer mate, i was loving his work, and we had about six minutes till take off!

30% 40% 50% logitech i love you!


3 minutes to go, and test remote.

we have connection, the remote went forward, backwards, did the little magnifier thing that it does to spotlight stuff, and raised the volume of the audio just by hand gesture, harry potter in a remote i like to think.

"we're good to go roy"

i patted my new av best pal justin, and said thanks, resisting what i now realise was a great opportunity for a 'just-in time' gag, which on reflection was a good thing i think you'll agree, timing smith, it's all about timing.

the hour talk flew by, and we had no sleeper's which is always a good measure i find.

roy's gaffer tim, a lovely chap, waxed lyrical after the gig, and i was pleased he was happy as that meant roy would share his happiness.

so a good start to the week, and my focus now turned to the coffee shop which we had arranged to get two skips delivered to be filled with debris from the demolition that we had been doing.

long story short, we used the power of facebook to rustle up an army of friends who came down on both days to help load aforementioned skips, and before our very eyes the shop was cleared and clean, amazing what an army can do, and i have a feeling we are going to need a big army to get this project to where it needs to be, as fate is dealing us a bit of a duff hand at the moment, but more of that next week, we are keeping all our small bones crossed, and i am a big believer in fate, so we shall see, watch this space.



i won't dwell on the rubbish bits, as they're not fun, but the finish of the week was pretty cool with a client that we work with, an estate agent in south wales called peter alan, who last year joined our grab your coat campaign, collecting over 1100 bags of warm clothes for cardiff's homeless, launching this years joint venture.

after chatting to a number of charities, we discovered that they were all in need of toiletries for their hostels that homeless people stay in short term, so we have decided to launch this years 'don't forget your toothbrush' campaign, which will have all 30 peter alan branches having drop in collection points, as well our lovely mates jayne at university hospital wales, and wayne at david lloyd clubs cardiff, who will also be taking donations, so if you're in south wales watch out for the bins.


that's about it for this week, apart from my last talk on friday to 175 teachers in st martins school in caerphilly, which was fun, and the feedback has been exciting with offers of help to run next years cardiff half, among other things, so hopefully lots of positivity, and a great return on energy.

ooooh i just remembered we also produced our first bags of coffee this week, in bean and ground formats, so if you want to purchase a bag of nicaraguan jinotegan blend, consisting of cataui and cattura varieties from small farms in the jinotega region, renowned for it's incredible coffee, drop us a line.

a medium roast with a beautiful tangy crisp acidity, clean flavour, well balanced, and a sweet chocolate finish, so our amazing local roaster huw from welsh coffee roasters says, what's not to like.

this coffee will make an affordable christmas present for all coffee loving loved ones, with a story that you won't beat, and all profits will help us build something that will help others, so lots of wins i reckon.

sales pitch over.

oh and we ship as well.


the end.

have a great week, and don't forget to plan this months monthly moose for december, let's finish the year strong :)

blue skies,