good morning bigmoose gang,

this weeks blog is about practising what you preach.

not, i hope, that i sound like a preacher, but more of someone who gets a thrill out of others who don't fully know what they can achieve, and by providing them with a little encouragement, watching them excel, whilst spreading their wings wide as they fly higher than ever before.

well that's the plan.

that's always the plan.

not that it's a plan that has been planned, it just seems to happen that way.

the supertri for disabled children, organising a group of runners to run the cardiff half marathon, hopefully touching people positively all along the way, and not having any formal training or structure to work within, just going with it because it feels right, and persevering with it, even when it seems tough, because hopefully the return on energy will be totally worth it.

and it always is.

well that stuff all happens because of you.

you support us in hundreds of ways.

you know how you support us, you're too cool to need reminding, but we know, and you know.

and that's how we are building great events, and literally changing lives, and that has to continue, as together, we are so strong, so so strong, and this group of people who have been attracted to doing good can spread far and wide.

and it will.

but we need to be tough, and persevere when bad crap happens.

well, this great coffee shop, that we are going to build that will allow us to grow, and spread the message, needs to happen in my opinion.

i just feel that every person we are able to help, who has been struggling in life, due to a myriad of reasons will benefit, by seeing changes in their lives, and then spreading that goodness and love as they travel on their journey.

we are all on a journey, and sometimes the journey seems pretty tough, and almost too tough to carry on, but whether it's a mountain or a challenge in life that looks equally as tough, we all need help, whether it's our sherpa, our guides, or in life our friends, family, and often random acts of kindness when you least expect it.

so what the heck am i drivelling on about this week, get to the point smithman!

alright alright don't rush me, i'm trying to build some context behind the obtuse comment 'practise what you preach'.

oh ok.

geez that voice, does it ever stop!

so the crux of what i'm saying is when it gets tough, or even seems impossible, don't stop believing, and i am now laughing at my serious reference which i have remembered is also the title of 80's power ballad kings 'journey' who sing 'don't stop believing', blinking heck i didn't even plan the irony in that little link up there, it was almost like it was planned.

for those of you who the 80's represent some long forgotten time that excites your parents whenever mentioned, and makes them look at each other and smile that smile, fill your boots with this little soft rock classic.

did you sing the chorus?

be honest?

anyway, back to the serious bit.

bottom line, our mates the builders who were gonna help us with the coffee shop, have become super busy and now can't.

now, i have been working on this bigmoose mullarkey since we started it three years ago, and little chloe, aka fluffy, who is my little baby girl, who has climbed kilimanjaro, run a 42 mile ultramarathon, and endured everything i throw at her along the way, has also been part of my master plan to get this coffee shop rocking, and for it to be her baby.

my dream has been for chloe to grow into the businesswoman i know she is, and i am very proud and fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside her, and watch her flourish as we go along, so it was with some trepidation this week that i left her to take a quick preplanned holiday in the crux of the most crap of times this project has had so far.

no builder.

hmmm challenging.

nah, not for super chloe, without going into too much detail she has got another team involved, who i know are so passionate about this project already, it will 100% get completed, and we have gone from being super despondent to super excited again, and by digging deep i feel sure we will build this coffee shop, that will be more than a coffee shop, it will be a living organism, that will literally change lives, and that's gotta be worth fighting for right?

even when things don't go right.

and although this wasn't my desired plan, once we have opened and are doing some amazing stuff, i just know that chloe, myself, and you as well will all be very proud of what together we will have achieved, and hopefully it will inspire you, and others to fight tough, never give up, and never give in, and to 'practise what we preach', phew i got their in the end!

so i will be back in town monday, and am so amped to move up through the gears, and for everyone who has helped us already so far, thanks, and for everyone who has bought coffee already, thanks as well, the sum of all of our parts can make something huge.

have a fab week, and if you really feel the need to send a message of encouragement to chloe, she is human after all, and i'm sure would appreciate it, then that would be lush ;)

so until next week,

blue skies,