apologies for delayed delivery last week, i won't bore you with the story.

so, this week we got a little bit closer to getting the coffee shop, in fact it is that close, i can almost taste the cappucino!

but i don't wanna jinx it, so let's see what happens next week, oooooooo i don't know about you, but i'm a bit hyper about this thing, if we finally get it i don't know how i'll react, probably have a flipping boo, the state i've been in just lately, i am so emotional, i'm booing at everything, i went to see the movie 'lion' last week, you guessed it, i booed, somebody did something lovely for me about everest, you guessed it, booing ensuing!

it's quite weird, i'm not normally this highly strung, but then i guess the next few months could be quite life changing in all manner of ways, i probably just need to stop fretting so much.

anyway, quite  a few bits of good news, we've sold my mates motorbike, and hopefully conclude the deal next week, which will be awesome.

the crowdfunding has been quite slow, but i need to invigorate it, so watch this space for invigoration, big thanks to everyone that's got involved, hopefully i will make you proud to have helped.

another goodun, has been that one of the other sponsors that i had lined up, has signed the contract, and we are rockin and rollin, and basically i have done a deal with a young watch company called maher-blenkinsop watches, who are going to pay me to take 53 watch dials to the summit of everest, and then they will build an everest collection using the dials, which will be kinda cool, and we will be filming the story of the watch being created and built, as well as the journey of the watch dials, so hopefully the planets all align and it all comes together.

here is a link to their website and here is a pic of the watch dial, nice huh?

we've also sold quite a bit of e-bay stuff this week, so if you have anything, no matter how random, that you'd like to donate, we'd love it!

we've presented to two more schools this week, and we're pushing the number of children we've talked to, to nearly 2000, and the responses from the kids and the teachers have been really rewarding, so i'm continuing working on the basis that i'm still going on the trip at the moment.

continuing on the positive theme, we have had our following on instagram rise to nearly ten thousand people, and a recent post got over five and a half thousand likes, which is a bit mad, but cool that people like mountain pictures with a story, and the encouragement from complete strangers on instagram to keep going has been unexpectedly brilliant.

so if you're on instagram give us a follow at @everestat53.

training has been great, and last saturday i headed to the gym to attempt to do a four hour session on the stairmaster, which i managed to do without actually pegging it, although i thought i might a couple of times, but this time i hydrated really well, and made sure i ate while on the machine to keep my energy levels up.

i lost a lot of liquids on that session, and my weight has dropped to where i wanted it to be about a month early, so i'll need to eat more, as my very low carb diet, and training sessions that lose over 1000 calories a day, mean i am in calorie deficit constantly, so i'll need to up my intake so i don't waste away.

i have been in touch with some other climbers on the same journey, and we all seem to be training tons, but we all still feel like we haven't done enough, but i think that is probably natural for everybody.

i saw a saying this week that i quite liked so i thought i would share it with you, 'only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go', which kind of fits at this moment i think, watch this space.

we have had a builder mate of mine, mr keith lee, say that he is going to help us develop the coffee shop when we get it, and an electrician mate julian evans from eleven electrical offer his services foc, so when we do get it, we will have some awesome people that will be stepping up to help, i really can't wait.

in the meantime, we will probably need a solicitor to do the contracts with the landlord when we get the deal sorted, so if anybody knows anyone with a kind heart, that might offer their services, please put them in touch with us at

i am pretty conscious that my blog is pretty filled with everest mullarkey just lately, but as well as it being a big part of my life personally, it will hopefully help bigmoose as a non profit massively, as i want to share our story with as many people that will listen, and if (when) i make it, everybody involved with bigmoose will be proud of our joint team effort, which honestly it will be, as i totally can't do it without massive support, however it manifests itself, so with 42 days to go, i hope i don't bore you with mountain stuff too much, but all i ever want to do, is share the bigmoose world, and as my great friend georgina says make it raw, make it real, and hopefully make it relevant, and our subscriber numbers and opens keep increasing every week, so hopefully we are doing that.

thanks massively, and see you next week, and as the late great dave allen used to say 'may your god go with you'.


blue skies,

jeff #15