well you may possibly be reading this early doors, but i have unusually written this blog thursday night.

i know, quirky, disruptive, slightly unhinged, but you know what, i always say live on the edge, and as i write this a wry smile fights it's way through my grey stubble, as i glance over to my running coach, rory coleman's new book that he sent me today, sitting perched on my desk with the inscription "to jeff, always be a rebel" oh if rory could only see me now.

rory's book 'a rebel and a runner' should be a good read, and having shared a number of marathons with him, and in doing so found a geezer with a similar sense of humour and interest in music, i am looking forward to reading it, and without rory in my life i don't think i would have completed my first ultra marathon and then mds without the confidence i had, so thanks coach, i look forward to reading it.


so why thursday night?

well i am up at early doors to continue my training, as i am still working on the theory that i am going to get the full ticket price to fund my adventure to climb everest, and as such i am not taking my foot off the pedal at all, and in fact i am ramping up training, and i remember the last time i attempted to climb sagarmartha or chomolungma as everest is also known, that i did a four hour training session on the stairmaster in the gym, and i did it four days on the bounce, calling it my four by four, which i will be trying to emulate soon, and as such every day is important.

so, a thursday blog it is.

this week has been pretty good considering, and as such i have been selling pretty much everything i own that i don't need, the biggest thing being my quad bike, which brought in a couple of bob, and we have quite an array on e-bay, so if you are looking for a bargain have a look at http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/everestat53/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

you will notice on there the biggest donation so far, which a friend who wants to remain anonymous has said that if we sell it for him he will go 50/50 with me, putting the money towards my journey, which was really humbling, so if you want this beautiful moto guzzi in your world, stick a bid on.

i've also had  a mate say he has some important stamps he will give me, another who is looking to get me a running machine to put online, and one also who has offered to do some unpaid work as his donation, as well as a load of you bigmoose crew who have made contact offering help, and others who have put donations on the indiegogo page, so please accept my huge thanks for everyone's help so far, financial or psychological, it is really very emotional seeing it all.

one other thing that has happened is that i have been asked by an old mate to compere an evening for his company, share talk, which will help fund getting me back to nepal, and which is all about bringing companies and investors together, for what hopefully will be a very informative evening, and i am genuinely looking forward to my first compering gig, and presenting to a room of folk, which hopefully should be a great new experience, scary but fun i hope, and here is a link http://www.cardiff17.com/

thanks john for getting me involved.

today was a pretty good day too for the reason that i spoke to the head of my everest team russell brice, who discussed with me my current situation.

russ said that i shouldn't fret and that we will get the money, and he will get me to the summit, now i know russ reads my blog, so it's a little difficult saying this, but he always has a caring way about him that instills confidence in me, and i love his way of looking at life, he is totally living it to the full, always has, and i think always will, and he is currently working in australia in alice springs on a very covert project, which is very exciting, and today told me how the aussies are so laid back.

this week he has needed to hire a crane for this part of the project he is managing, and the guys doing the paperwork when asked whether they could source said crane replied 'too easy mate' which is kinda like no problem, and when he had to do the paperwork they were equally really easygoing on the whole transaction, referring a number of times when russ showed his gratitude to being 'too easy mate' which we both agreed was a great way to be, and russ suggested it would be great if everybody adopted the same attitude, and i got off the phone, happier than i'd been for a while.

so hopefully russ's faith pays off and we get to climb together again.

it is now 00:32 and i am up at 05:30, so i'm gonna wrap up this weeks blog by just telling you about a notebook i found from my 2013 trip with russ to climb manaslu, at 8163m high, the 8th highest in the world, and i found some notes i had written, after living on the mountain for almost two months.


the pain on my body

the glow of summiting

my toes hurting

the sherpa on the team almost singing 'good morning'

remembering russ hugging me the night before

russ overhearing somebody in the mess tent asking for a sprite, and rushing to get it for them

russ coming to collect me from a rumanian groups tent when i got lost just outside basecamp

russ pacing like a panther until fenton and bruce, our last two team members returned, and then when they did he suddenly appeared content his pride of climbers were all safe and he retired to bed.

the day is sunny, and everybody in the camp knows we all summited safely, and the smiles and laughter on everybody's faces is pure joy, i wish i could bottle this feeling.

these notes form a great memory for me, and i hope that i get to nepal, and i get to climb well and achieve my dream, and most of all i hope i can share it with you and anybody that wants to listen, so again a big thank you for continuing to support me, i hope i can make you proud.

blue skies,