morning bigmoose gang,

i had hoped to bring you positive everest news today, but, and as i type this my heart is definitely beating faster, we still haven't got the full funding for my trip, and in fact we are still quite some way off.


but, i am still staying focused, and full of belief that it will come together, though i would be a liar if i said i didn't have some fears as the days and hours tick by.

i currently have a big hole to fill to get the money, but have three people who have promised backing, but i just don't know how much, and whether it will be enough.

i had played out in my mind that i would know by now that i would be 100% funded, but apparently that isn't to be, so for now i will try to stay calm, and not have any wobbles.

i have so far avoided wobbles or meltdowns, and long may it continue, but i am telling you it is taking a big bit of resolve to avoid cracking, stay focused smith, stay focused chap!!

i am a great believer in surrounding myself with experts in everything i do, as their knowledge, and support tends to be invaluable, so this week i have met up with my friend and everest summiteer tori james, who was the first welsh woman to summit everest a number of years ago, and tori has been an amazing support for me and chloe since we started this mountain mullarkey back in 2010. so as we sat down to natter, and i told tori of my situation, feeling quite ashamed that i hadn't got my funding at such a late stage, she reminisced about her own plight back in 2007, and told me that she too had been staring at not going, up until the last moment.

tori told me how she managed to get to nepal, and hopefully i can use her experience to help me, but more than anything she gave me confidence to believe it will happen, however late.

today i am having a skype call with my mate and everest summiteer gary guller, who i have spoken about before in my blog, but if you are a new subscriber here is a link to this amazing human

gary is one inspirational cat, and the fact that he lost his arm in an accident which has not stopped him, in fact it has propelled him to do truly mindblowing feats, and touch many many lives, is amazing, and we have become good muckas, though we've never met, and so i am really looking forward to chatting with him, as his energy is infectious.

next week i am meeting up with another mountaineer pal richard parks, who again you can have a read about here if you aren't aware of him

parksy is also an everest summiteer, and whilst it may seem like everyone in my friendship group has summited everest, it's totally not that at all, but i just think i am bringing them all together in this last few weeks to support me, and to get any last minute tips, and advice on how to approach this next stage of my life, as their experiences are so helpful.

ooo i just remembered i've also been in contact through social media with a geezer called robby kojetin, who has got in touch and been really supportive, and has a brilliant story which you can read here

what's that, has he summited everest?

ha ha ha!!!

so, as well as chatting to all these climbers i have still been training super hard, and my knees and hips, and all the other bits seem to be working well, under the strain that i've been putting them through, which reminds me, chloe mentioned to me that a lot of people don't know what goes into the training side of things, and she suggested doing a video, which she has shot, edited, and put out on social media, so you may have seen it, but if you haven't, it gives a bit of an insight into it, as well as showing the stuff we've been doing with schools, which i have to say i have loved, it has been so rewarding.

i'm very lucky to have so many supportive folk in my world, and to everybody that reads this blog weekly, and has supported me in any way, financially, verbally, textually, if there is even a word as textually, thank you for giving me strength to do this stuff, which is sometimes very difficult, especially when you fear the demons who challenge you and your mission, and the skies seem to cloud over a bit, you lot inspire me to keep rocking it, so cheers for the support, and keep all yer digits crossed we can jump on the bus, get over to nepal and inspire some more people to change the world, together i truly believe we can.

till next week, keep doing stuff that makes the world smile, enjoy the journey, we are all very lucky to have this life, make the most of it.

blue skies,