good morning bigmoose blog folk,

how did that even happen!!!

number one, this working class upstart from finsbury park actually dares to think he can go off to the himalayas and climb mount everest, which is pretty radio rental in the world i come from originally, and secondly it's only flipping 26 days away, who nicked all my days!!!

as bigmoose mates, i'm guessing we know each other in some way, and based on that, i will assume that you know i am gonna be scared out of my skin with this impending dream getting so close, and the fact that after all these months of preparing i might not actually get there. 

but do we believe we'll get there?

simply put, yes!

so, hopefully in 26 days time, we can all do a bit of michael jackson moonwalking, dance like jeffrey daniels in 70's soul band 'shalamar' and generally whoop it up, fist pumping, behaving like rocky at the top of the stairs in philly' and generally going nuts, or will that just be me??

we'll see.

for now, we will keep grinding it out, pushing hard to raise the full ticket price to get me back to nepal.

even just typing that gives me butterflies.

so, as i breathe out deeply, i am trying to stay calm, focusing on the task, and trying not to fret or waiver, which may seem simple, but is taking a lot of willpower, tough, but i'm sure worth it.

as well as concentrating on everest and bigmoose, my day job has also gone a bit crazy, with us winning three contracts, one of which is with the nhs, which we have been working on for over two years, but this week we have won the job, and now need to deliver by the time i hopefully go back to kathmandu, so does anybody out there have any spare hours, i appear to be using mine up every day quite quickly, and when a friend recently asked if i was busy, my mind did a mental fast forward on everything going on in my world, before i calmly replied 'we've got a bit going on' how about you?

so, as i write my blog today i am going to make it a little shorter than normal, but would like to share with you a video of my recent talk i did for share talk, which as i mentioned last week has resulted in one of the speakers offering to run an ultra marathon, fundraising for bigmoose this year, so thanks joão, i can't wait to work with you on this, and the video is pretty long, so watching it may cause drowsiness, and shouldn't be watched if you are in charge of heavy vehicles.

i've just seen the thumbnail for this, how very attractive :) lol

also breaking news, last night we went for dinner with friends butch and linds, and baby erin, and they invited friends of theirs julia and ben along as well, and long story short, julia has offered to do a gig for us for everest, check her album out here, oh yeah and she once had a number one in china, how very cool.

sounds good huh?

so, apologies for a briefer than normal blog, but i hope the presentation makes up for the lack of written word, have a great day, weekend and week, and hopefully see you back here next time.

blue skies,