good morning!

well today, i have just had a lush long whatsapp chat with dad, how bonkers is it that he is 5380m up, approx 5000 miles away and he is still managing to send pics and messages mocking me even from that far away! gotta love the 21st century!!

dad has had a great week, they reached the summit of lobuche, their training mountain. the weather was pretty gnarly and they were snowed off one of the days, but the team came back fighting and they all managed to reach the top happily.

they had their puja which is a ceremony where various articles of climbing gear is blessed by the sherpas and food and drink offerings are made to the gods and the team is blessed for a safe and successful trip. this ceremony marks the end of the trekking stage of the journey and the start of the mountaineering stage.

the team also got their first glimpse of the khumbu icefall. dad said it was a pretty daunting experience! the following day they began their first ascent into the khumbu and climbed up to camp 2 where they spent a few nights. the plan was to get to camp 3 but due to high winds they couldn’t reach it, so they turned around and headed back to bc a day earlier than planned. they will now rest at base camp for a few days before beginning their next rotation. he is feeling strong and has had no signs of any altitude problems so far! for more info check out @everestat53 on facebook, twitter and instagram.

whilst dad is away i have taken on the running of bigmoose, since he has been gone it really has been a whirlwind, we are 30 days down (41 days to go!) and things have been super busy. having a loved one up a mountain is a strange and challenging thing. contact is minimal, a person you’re used to seeing daily is suddenly gone and you spend every day counting down until they get home!!

lots of people ask myself, my mum and my sister how we feel about him being up the mountain and it’s quite a hard to describe... but the bottom line is we are all beyond proud of him and watching this journey unfold is truly remarkable. a massive thank you to everyone who is supporting us and sending messages of encouragement, it’s been amazing!

watch this space for more updates..!!

in the world of bigmoose, things are getting very exciting on the coffee shop front. we are making progress behind the scenes!! i will update you when i can.

but we have another project we would love you to get involved with!! following the success of #runningforemily last year at the cardiff half marathon we have decided to create another team this year! the london marathon inspired us so much and we think that, with the help of all you amazing people we can help another cause this year. the cause we have chosen to support is mental health – there is a massive stigma around mental health and it is only just starting to become something that people feel comfortable talking about, but there is still a long way to go.

with the royals being involved in creating awareness through their campaign of ‘head’s together’ we think it would be awesome to get involved and support this. 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues, and it could be anyone; the person in the car next to you in traffic this morning, the lady who served you in the shop last night, your work colleague or a family member... and we want to help those who are suffering.

running and exercise has also been proven to help people suffering from mental health problems;

"it is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigour." marcus tullius cicero

so if you’re a seasoned runner or you’ve never run a mile in your life, we would love to have you on the team. the bigmoose runners from last year will confirm, no one is ever left behind, we run as a team and everyone supports each other. if you are interested please email: and i will send you some more details... how cool would it be to exceed the amount of runners we had last year (104!).

thank you once again for your support and please keep sending good vibes to nepal for a safe and successful climb,

in the words of my dad, blue skies,