if you clicked because of the the title of this blog, thank you for taking part in my experiment to learn why people do or don't open it.

apologies, there probably won't be any reference to or study of sex within this blog, though i did say probably, you never know, you might have to read until the end.

we have been building our number of subscribers up slowly but surely since i started doing this, and i can see how many people open the blog, and it is pretty consistent, so i just thought i would see if the headline would have any effect, as if it does, i will try harder on this part of the exercise, sort of baiting the hook with what the fish want.

i will report if there is any change in blog openings next week.

how has this week been for you bigmoose gang, any monthly mooses to report?

if you haven't done a monthly moose lately, or you don't know what one is, refresh your memory here http://www.bigmoose.co/monthlymoose/

cool huh?

you probably do many monthly mooses without even realising it, and if you do, drop us a line, we love hearing about the great stuff you get up to, and sharing it with others encourages them to copy your lead.

our monthly mooses this week have very much been everest based, and we have been returning to all the schools that we went to pre everest, and the plan was to tell the second part of the story, and hopefully inspire the kids to always believe they should follow their dreams, work hard, and never give up.

i have been so excited to get this part of my adventure under way as i said last week, and as we entered llanedeyrn primary school i was absolutely buzzing.

the receptionist at the school congratulated me, which spoke volumes, and as we walked towards the assembly hall one little boy looked up nonchalantly and said 'hi jeff' to which me and chloe looked at each other with a look of surprise and happiness rolled into one.

my spider senses alerted me that this was gonna be a goody!

this was the first outing for our new everest slide show, and it contains four videos which we didn't know how the children would react to, but one of them is a simple video that is zoomed in on some climbers on the khumbu icefall, and then it zooms out to show the absolutely massive size of the mountain, and the results were conclusive, we got the wow factor big time.

the presentation  went well, and the questions the children asked at the end were all sensible and well thought out, including the obligatory 'how do you go to the toilet' question, from a boy of course :)

now my plan of high fiveing every child in every school got off to a great start as the teacher in charge of this assembly bought into the idea straight away, and when i mentioned i was worried there may have been health and safety issues he said 'they are children after all, they like having fun' hoorah for common sense!!

so it came to pass then that a bald 53 year old man ran up and down the lines of children high fiveing every child, including my favourite who had learning difficulties, but gave me the best high five ever, and the look of joy on his face was truly priceless, and on reflection makes this whole journey so worth it.

as i finished my mad escapade, without falling and squashing any children, i breathed a sigh of relief and raised my arms high, victorious, and maybe this exercise was as much for me as it was for them, i now see that it symbolised my happiness at completing what i set out to do for the children at that school, my mission was accomplished, i had done what i aimed to do..

the energy in the room was fantastic, and as i returned to the front of the room, unprovoked, the children started to clap in a very unrehearsed manner, and i looked at the head teacher and smiled.

the next part of this story was amazing, and i will never be able to think about it without grinning like the proverbial feline from a county in North West England, bordering Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

the kids clapped.........and they clapped.........and they didn't stop.

they continued unabated for what seemed like ages, until i looked at the teacher and he tried to speak to me, but couldn't be heard due to the noise.

his second attempt to communicate was louder, and he mouthed the words so i could lip read ' i don't think they're going to stop'

i found it funny, but also had a lot of pride as well, how brilliant they feel this way.

he then mouthed 'i think i'm going to have to stop them' which i found hilarious, as i looked around at all the smiling faces clapping away, almost as if they were enjoying being a part of this crazy situation.

he calmed the children down, and the noise reduced to a level you could hear him speaking, and he thanked the children for their appreciation, and their clapping, and then, unforced they all started to clap again, drowning out his words, which was quite amazing to watch and hear.

they had won, and the teacher admitted defeat by suggesting that they leave the assembly and head back to their classes, clapping as they go, and so it continued until the last child left the hall.

now, i have no idea what caused this crazy breakout of energy and noise, but i have never seen anything like it, but just wish i could bottle it, it was so brilliant, and i was running through things in my mind after, and trying to think if i had seen anything quite so mad, but i was hard pushed, and when we spoke to all the staff after they said the same sort of thing, it was very surreal.

as chloe and i drove away from the school we were very much on a natural high, and when we did eventually speak, we discussed how we couldn't have scripted the morning any better, and that is exactly how i feel about my whole everest adventure. 

nearly not getting there, but for the kindness in bigmoose stylee from russ, enabling me to make the trip.

nearly not getting to make the summit bid due to the weather.

nearly not getting back due to nearly falling into a crevasse, never to be seen again.

the story has been very nerve wracking, and scared the heck out of me and my family, and possibly is all the more interesting because of it, and again we probably couldn't have scripted it any better, but my dream of summiting has been amplified ten fold by the resulting response from these schoolchildren, and the other two schools we have been to so far this week, has been way better than i could have hoped for, and has taught me some very important lessons.

1. if you think high fiveing every child at every school can happen, do it, don't bottle it.

2. children love to play and have fun, and i think it is our responsibility as parents to feed our next generation with fun and joy.

and as they say, 'every day's a schoolday'

flipping heck, i've just seen how long that story was, sorry about that.

i'm conscious of the 'long blog police' so will wrap up today with a quick list of stuff we're up to at bigmoose.

we met the owner of a law firm (chris) in cardiff who is a mucka of prince charles, and wants to tackle the homeless problem in cardiff, and has asked me to speak at an event he is putting together, and i actually think he is such a big hitter, that he will be pivotal in getting something 'big' to happen, watch this space.

met our solicitor about the coffee shop, we're getting closer. (bites hand)

we signed our 53rd runner for the cardiff half, which is just over half our target of 105, so please help if you know anybody who can run, at your work, at your gym, your mate that used to run, etc, please ask them to get in touch, whilst helping me cope with my ocd and often unhealthy characteristic to always strive to improve, the more people we get, the more awareness we provide to the amount of people suffering, often silently, from mental health issues, which unfortunately is reaching epidemic levels.

two of our friends, craig and aimee have signed up for the half, and these guys are seriously famous for their youtube channel and stunning travel videos, and are very much on the same path as bigmoose, with their ethos being 'rule your own world' and as well as running they will also be doing some filming of the journey, with a view to understanding some of the mental health issues that are out there, and i can't wait to have them on our team, they are beautiful humans, check them out here http://www.kinging-it.com/#our-story

apparently craig is so light he doesn't produce shadows........

apparently craig is so light he doesn't produce shadows........

literally as i just glugged my last swig of my coffee (second cup obvs) i have just thought, we have a number of blog readers from around the world, who probably can't get to the uk to run at the cardiff half, but, how about if you would like to join us running and raising awareness of mental health, you can run 13.1 miles on your own in your own country, or you get a few running friends to join you, and we have our first international running event!!!

sounds a bit mad, but then so did high fiveing a load of school kids last week, but now it's just the norm!!

i am now loving the international idea, how cool will that be!

repping the 2017 bigmoose cardiff half shirt in your own sandbox, i love it.

anyway i'd better hit the road, as we have the lovely lisa from the urban flower studio coming over today to discuss how her lush business may get involved with bigmoose, check her out here https://www.facebook.com/theurbanflowerstudio/

urban flower studio, more than just flowers

urban flower studio, more than just flowers

so until next week i'll be seeing ya, and keep rockin those monthly mooses :)

blue skies,