morning you lovely bigmoose gang,

how have the last 168 hours been for you?

mine for the most part have been brilliant, though i have had a couple of haters rock me a little for a short while, but they have just made me stronger to carry on with the good stuff, but i do find it strange that anybody can look at what bigmoose is doing in anything but a smiley way, but believe me they are out there, but i will not ever let them suppress me, and i have seen a few quotes this week which resonated which i will share along the blog.

the first is 'don't dance around the perimeter of who you're here to be'.

i love this saying, and think we should all adhere to it, in whatever way it manifests itself for you, don't let anybody put you off your fate.

enough of that negative garbage then, we move onto the good stuff.

on wednesday i walked down a sunny holborn street towards the shiney office block in the heart of london's west end.

the sun shone brightly enough to bring out my sunglasses, that i hadn't worn since nepal, and they made me smile as i slid them on.

as i walked along new oxford street, i viewed the building i was meeting alan in, and as i entered the lift, there seemed to be an energy in the building that i wondered if i was imagining, or if buildings that housed creative positive happy people could actually throb with that creative energy.

i exited the very modern lift at the first floor, and signed in on a tablet that had welcomed me.

the friendly young receptionist offered me refreshment and said she would get alan for me.

as i sat down on the well designed furniture, i thumbed through the company magazine, which i wondered if i could take a copy of as it had a number of articles in i'd like to read, but decided that being hauled out by security for stealing was not a great way for alan to see me again for the first time since we met in manchester a few weeks ago.

'good morning' i mouthed as i saluted alan as he strode over to me.

wtf, who even salutes, ever, apart from cheryl cole, or whatever her surname is currently.

i am 53, and have had a life where i should be comfortable in most social situations, and what do i do when i meet the chap i really want to get on the bigmoose team?

i salute.

alan offered me a coffee, or perhaps some water, and i chose to accept the lesser caffeinated, as i had just finished my third that day ten minutes earlier in pret, and felt the effects of a fourth would be catastrophic, considering the previous sixty seconds behaviour.

alan is quite similar in look to the alan of sugar fame, a small framed late fifties guy with the similar well groomed silver beard, and the greenberg in his family name suggests they share ethnicity, and when i informed him of some good news i had received he exclaimed 'mazel tof', so i am quietly confident of that fact.

as we sat opposite each other we chatted about when we first met, and when i presented to a company that alan is on the board of. 

he spoke of how he really wants to help bigmoose, but that he is in his words a 'shaper and driver', to which i nodded in agreement that i needed shaping and driving, which i very much do, as bigmoose is growing to a level now that it needs some experienced forces to guide, and alan seems to be coming into my life at exactly the right time.

we spoke of how alan could help me assemble an advisory board, which control freak yours truly could have a reign on, but hopefully learn from, and be introduced to some high level people that could help us grow quicker than we currently are.

he gave me some names of people he will be speaking to, one of whom i have researched was head of government relations and operations in her previous role, and although none of this has even started yet, it was a very interesting conversation to have, and alan's past role as head of education at apple, made me feel great that we were even having this conversation.

i felt he was not the kind of guy to suffer fools gladly, even if they saluted upon meeting him!

maybe he just thinks i'm quirky, i can live with quirky.

the next part of the meeting involved two lovely chaps that alan brought over for me to meet, but as one of them (morning glyn) has subscribed to the blog i will grant them anonymity, although i am rather proud of the fact that they have agreed to run the cardiff half with us on october 1st.

i actually fistpumped in my office as i just wrote that, omg saluting, fist pumping, and writing 'omg', what have i turned into, cliche man, alan partridge clone, ahaaaaaaaa, now where's that 12inch plate?

this new honduras java i am trying is quite punchy, don't you find?

so glyn and graham agreed to become our 75th and 76th runners for october, and they also offered some very cool services within their own sector as well, so hopefully they will make further blog appearances as we progress the relationship, but for now welcome chaps, and thanks for your offer to help.

alan told me a few stories about his business life, and as we parted i chose the firm hand shake as opposed to the hug, as the coffee had worn off, and normal social etiquette had resumed, though i wanted to hug him as a big thank you, but tried my damnedest to appear cool, though i really think that ship had sailed a couple of hours prior.

this relationship may come to absolutely nothing, but you know when you have that feeling, and i feel that alan greenberg sees bigmoose as a pretty unusual model run by pretty unusual folk, but whatever it is that attracted him to us, he has pledged to give his time, and his network of connections, and if he can open doors for me, hopefully i can walk in without tripping up, or committing some other social gaffe!

alans pledge to give, leads me into my next story i would like to share with you today.

i have been watching some ted talks of late, and my flight back from nepal saw the delhi to heathrow flight with ted talks as a channel, and i literally inhaled about 30 from the takeoff to touchdown, and i have now discovered they are on amazon prime, which as mr bezos managed to wean me off mr murdoch's televisual offering, based on the fact that apart from sky atlantic i probably didn't use it, and the fact that bezos and i, as well as sharing very similar forename's also have a very similar look, neurolinguistic programming in its rawest form.

so whilst skipping through some documentaries on netflix i came across one with the worlds richest man, warren buffett, which i thought i would have a watch of to learn more about the man i had learnt some time ago had built this amazing wealth, and then joined forces with bill and melinda gates to give the bulk of it away to philanthropic causes.

i watched warren speak about his love of numbers, and as the programme unwrapped, it became clear his was not a life driven by ego or a desire for stuff, but he just loved making money, pure and simple, and apparently he was pretty good at it.

the doco was quite old, and i knew mr buffett had been reported as giving away a lot of his wealth, so i decided to look i little deeper into what he and mr and mrs gates had been up to, which you may be better informed than me, but i'd like to share how cool these guys are, and what they have created

together, berkshire hathaway ceo warren buffett and bill and melinda gates, of microsoft fame have created the 'giving pledge' and buffett has pledged more than 99% of his own wealth to charitable causes during his lifetime or upon his death, and he has already given away $21.5 billion, pretty amazing huh?

this led me to have a look at the website for their venture, which shows that the 'giving pledge' is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back, and they have now recruited 170 billionaires to follow their lead, and it really is worth a quick look.

awesome eh?

so this research led me to a ted talk with bill and melinda, which i had to have a look at, and again if you can set aside 25 minutes it is extremely insightful. 

now their world is very different to most people on our planet, but in essence what they've done is a monthly moose, just on a slightly bigger scale, and with a little more impact than most.

however, what they have become aware of is that the power of a team is stronger that the power of an individual, or a couple, so they have engaged their peers to follow their lead, no different to what we are doing with bigmoose.

i have just heard the long blog klaxon going off, so i probably should wrap things up for this week, but before i go i just want to share mel robbins with you.

i had never heard of her, but saw an advert for her book the 5 second rule in a mag i was reading, and it turns out she has done a ted talk (obsession alert) which has had 8 million views, and is the most booked female speaker in the world, so check her out here.

now i'm not advocating everything she does, but on first impressions she seems pretty interesting, and i have asked mr bezos's team to deliver me her book today, so i will report back next week.

finally, it's my/our birthday next week.

tuesday the 11th july i turn 54, and bigmoose turns 3.

now i have a cheeky surprise for the world that we will announce on tuesday, but as you won't get your next blog till next week i'm gonna give you headsup today, but keep it to yourselves.

our mate joão from widecells plc is going to fundraise £50,000 over the next twelve months, of which he is going to give bigmoose 2/3 of it, and give the other 1/3 to two other amazing charities.

this will be a massive kickstart for our coffee shop, and i have been totally blown away by his generosity in this offer, as well as his help in connecting me to people like alan, and also mentoring me in a way i can really do with, so bigup yerself joão, and thank you for this amazing gesture.

also, this takes the amount of money that bigmoose has been directly involved with raising for various charities to over £250,000, which between me and you is over a quarter of a million pounds.

that is one big chunk a' change gang, and you have played your part in that, so smile at what you're involved in, and please tell everyone you know, as from a very small germ of an idea, brought about by losing someone, we, and i really mean we, have done some amazing work, so long may it continue, and i will end todays blog with my final saying i read this week, which i would love to share, and inspire you to do something you would not have done.

don't die with your music still inside you.

very simple, but very poignant i reckon.

blue skies,