buenos dias bigmoose crew,

now i never really studied physics particularly well at school, and science wasn't really my bag in general really, but over the years, i have applied a lot of scientific theories to life, and this week i have become very aware of the law of cause and effect, and i won't insult your intelligence by outlining examples in the way that a very helpful explanation online does, though i must just share two quick examples that they list.

"john made a rude comment, so elise hit him."

harsh as an example of cause and effect i thought, and made a mental note if i ever meet an elise to be polite.

but my personal fave to explain the real science of cause and effect "the meal we ordered was cheaper than expected, so we ordered dessert."

really? i'm not too sure about that one, but i'm sure you get the gist of it anyway. (today i learnt that you spell gist g-i-s-t not j-i-s-t, who knew?)

well this week i started to think about the cause and effect of what bigmoose do, and how sometimes we don't realise the far reaching effects of what we write, what we say, and what we do, can have on people.

specifically, some responses to last weeks blog in which i wrote about mental health, and how we can all help others in our own way, resulting in receiving one of the biggest lots of e-mails from people telling their stories of mental health issues, and getting some personal feedback from people whose lives it appears we touch.

one chap had a conversation with us outlining that he is not in a position to run a half marathon just yet, but that by watching what we are up to it is inspiring him to run a small amount, which is helping him cope, and he wants to run the half next year, so it is stimulating him to have a goal, which in turn is helping him in his own way, and i was really glad he shared that, as it just shows the power of taking action, and sharing it with others.

my favourite e-mail we received last week though was from a young lady i won't name, but she has been a bigmoose supporter for years now, even though we have never met, but she does lots of cool stuff helping others less fortunate in her part of the uk.

she sent me this e-mail, but as a bit of a back story, my knowledge and awareness of her is she is a young twenty something girl who posts  a mix of beautiful sunsets and selfies on instagram, and she seems to me to be very well balanced and in control, and has given me permission to share her e-mail.


This one got to me! 

I have recently had to accept that I don't have(and probably never will have) the shiny, happy lifestyle that I craved to have, just like my social media feed told me I needed to have. That I can't have the body nor the face that mangazines have led me to believe natural. That actually the old 'smoke and mirrors' phrase couldn't be truer in today's world. 

Anxiety is a silent killer. That little black cloud that won't go away no matter how much sunshine is around you. 

Please please please pass on steps to well being. A government funded mental health line, I have weekly calls. Sometimes we chat, sometimes I talk, sometimes I just listen. I've cried, screamed, shouted and even hung up on my friendly anonymous stranger. But I dont know where I would be if she hadn't reached out. 

I hope your well Jeff, and apologies for it being so long since writing. 

I really hope your friend beats the demons... and my God are they demons. 

Lots of love 

i never knew she felt like this, and she hides it so well, which is becoming a story i am finding more and more familiar as i learn more about mental health.

the mental health line she uses only covers her area, and upon investigation like a lot of help lines it only operates during daytime work hours 9-5 ish, which prompted me to look at other helplines of this sort, who it appears all have similar hours, which i find very strange, as in my opinion evenings and night time are probably when things seem at their worst, and making a call to a help line during the day for most i would think is quite difficult, especially if the length of call needed is long, very strange indeed.

my investigations led me to the samaritans, who have a number you can call 24/7/365 which seemed great sense to me especially as at christmas time, when lots of people share joyous times with loved ones, it must be very difficult for people that are lonely, and possibly at risk, so constant phone coverage at this time seems a must.

if you need their details they can be found here https://www.samaritans.org/

and their phone number is 116 123 and is free.

so, if you're reading this and struggle at any time, don't suppress things, share how you are feeling, talk about it with someone, as talking about things definitely helps, and every action has a reaction, and hopefully it will be a good one.

for me this process is very much a learning one, and i am becoming more and more aware that a lot of people are struggling through their lives, hiding fears, and maybe i need to be more aware of the signs in order to help if needed.

wow, life is complicated sometimes isn't it.

but hopefully as well as being challenging it can also be amazingly exciting, great fun, thrilling, and hopefully happy, well here's a few of the things in my world that have made me smile, and excited this week, and hopefully they make you smile a bit.

* i employed a geezer to remove a tree stump in my garden, and his business is called      stumpbusters, which made me sing the ghostbusters song constantly before and during his visit    with his husky dog nico by his side.

* my purchase order for talking for barclays arrived, making this very real, but very cool, gulp!

* my eldest daughter got a three day acting job in a room with a rattlesnake.

* we met the most lush geezer who we are going to buy our sourdough bread from for the coffee    shop.

* we ordered our new bigmoose cardiff half shirts, which will be here soon, yayyy!!!

* we finished off creating our happy message boards for our supporters to hold at mile intervals    during the cardiff half.

* realised that inadvertently we can affect peoples lives in so many super cool ways, cause and  effect to the max.

and finally i want to share with you a discovery i just made by clicking the google icon today friday the 11th, which is absolutely brilliant, and allows you to dj, mix and scratch, please try it, it's very clever.

i am conscious that today, i am jibber jabbering more than most, so i think it may be time to wrap things up, so in conclusion every action has a reaction, it's the law, it's physics baby, so make the action you take in your world today have a great reaction, have a bash at seeing how many people you can make smile today, so together we will be creating a ton of smiles and positive reactions, now that is power, which is a whole new science blog completely!!!

have a cracking week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,