how's your week been?

mine, dear bigmoose blog reader, has been the polar opposite of the last couple, aided by a load of you lovely lot that have sent me messages supporting me being 100% transparent with how i've been rocked by recent circumstances and feelings.

the fact that you have taken the time out of your busy lives to message me has been extremely uplifting, and what i think we can all get from this is how small gestures can have such a  massive impact.

so, have a think of one person that one small action could make a difference to, and if every one of you who reads this follows through, we will have touched almost five hundred people, the power of which is insane, so let's give it a try, take five minutes out today to make someone smile because they didn't expect what you are going to do, send them a hand written note or card telling them you love them, or you care, call them and check in on them, or any other creative gesture you think of, and when you have let me know, i would love to hear the difference you can make.

this action will definitely count as september's monthly moose, so what better time to do it than today, go gettem you beauts!!

so, with only a month to go until the cardiff half marathon, we are getting pretty amped, and this years bigmoose dickie dirts arrived yesterday, and i have to say i love how they've turned out, and i reckon they are going to look brilliant with over a hundred bigmoose runners pounding the south wales course this year.

we had one of our training runs this monday, and there is a lad who has joined us on our journey, we'll call him tom for anonymity.

his name isn't really tom by the way.

or maybe it is.

anyway, 'tom' was really struggling with depression, and was in a really dark place to be honest, and he agreed with his bro, who we'll call 'craig' for anonymity, to come and run with us.

his name isn't really craig by the way.

or maybe it is.

anyway, he turned up to run, having never run before, cranks out a few miles, and seems to be very happy with his performance, as the other bigmoose runners big him up and show him a whole loada bigmoose love.

fast forward eight weeks and tom has already run the 13.1 miles, the distance the cardiff half is, and told me monday with a beaming smile, that he now runs most days, and it just gives him such a feeling of freedom to pull on his sneaks and step out the door into a world that he didn't know existed for him before, almost meditative in it's own way.

tom was having therapy prior to his first run, but his therapist has now signed him off, saying that he is good to go, and craig confirmed that the change and the difference in tom has been literally amazing, and tom has agreed to be a part of the short film that craig is shooting about this bigmoose cardiff half journey we are all on, and how it has changed him, and i for one can't wait until race day to see the euphoria and emotion that all of our runners will feel as they cross the finish line.

chloe and i returned home after the monday sesh, and discussed how brilliant this year has been, and in general the whole running vibe.

last year we ran in memory of emily, our lovely friend we lost too early, and that was a part of her mum donna's grieving process, which was brilliant, and this year running to raise awareness of mental health issues is proving to be so so powerful, and tom's story just makes every minute we spend co-ordinating things worthwhile, and i am so pleased that what started out as a bit of a dream has turned into a life changing process, and we should all be so proud, as we are all part of this in some way.

here was our training sesh pic, with a smaller than usual squad, due to it being a bank holiday methinks.

here was our training sesh pic, with a smaller than usual squad, due to it being a bank holiday methinks.

in the picture the two guys that are on the left of the pic that look alike are called craig and tom, just saying.

big smiles huh :)

also, while on the running groove, bigmoose love for the geezer wearing the blue whittle fit shirt, who is mark whittle our resident running rockstar trainer who turns up rain or shine to guide our troops, and help with all manner of training tips and guidance, all because he's a lovely chap, so thanks mark, and if you want to check him out he has a lush website here http://www.whittlefit.com/ 

so that was monday, and the rest of the week has been pretty exciting too, with some personal shizzle going on as well as bigmoose, including being employed to be a producer on a champions hockey league tv production in my home town of cardiff, which was a first for me, but i really enjoyed it, and will now add tv producer to my cv, and i have another two gigs ahead, which i can't wait for, variety is the spice of life hey?

the other absolutely blinking mahoosive thing that happened this week was that a secret benefactor, that i absolutely can't mention, has offered us some furniture for the coffee shop, and as we pulled up outside this mammoth warehouse east of cardiff, tania, chloe and i were absolutely gobsmacked at the size of the place.

the deal is that we met a chap on our tour of schools prior to everest, and then saw him again on the post everest follow up adventure, and long story short he works for a very cool national restaurant chain, who have lots of furniture that becomes superfluous to their needs when they do refurbs, and they store it before disposing of it.

mr x had arrange for us to visit this aladdin's cave in a pretty secret location, and as we stood there, mouths wide open at the vastness, and beauty of the furniture ensconced in it's new storage area, he informed us that there was probably less than ten people had ever see this place.

honoured indeed.

we wandered the aisles, like a huge costco, and were told to think about all we needed to fit out our new venture, and none of us could really believe what was happening.

there was literally everything we needed, chairs, tables, chandeliers, mirrors, lighting, you name it, it was there.

so, two hours later, we emerged having earmarked a myriad of furnishings that once ok'd by mr x's gaffer hopefully will form the fabric of our new venture.

we drove home, almost in shock, and as we eventually broke the silence, we talked about the serendipity that we had tripped over with the school talks, and how the whole circle of events that led us to this point were so brilliant, but so unexpected.

we haven't got the signoff on everything yet, but please keep your fingers crossed for us, as i hope the man from ----- ------- says yes, we will report back asap.

well i had intended writing a very short intro today, and then adding in my first chapter of my book, which highlights my summit of everest, but it's pretty long, and the blog police would bang me up good and proper if i extended what seems to be quite a long blog anyway, so i will endeavour to share it with you next week, but as you can tell, whereas a fortnight ago i struggled with words, that definitely ain't a problem today!

finally i am going to unashamedly end today's blog with a big heap of promotion for my first born, tiffany who whilst living in london pursuing her acting career, has embarked on an entrepreneurial enterprise in her down time, which appears to be doing spiffingly well, which firstly makes me extremely proud, but also very keen to share, as i think it is a brilliant venture. 

i won't go into detail, but here is a link to what she's up to https://www.brushandbubbles.com/


cool huh?

she is doing events in london and cardiff, so if you fancy it, get involved, one of the great things she is seeing is that people are discovering skills they didn't even know they had, which is brilliant, and very aligned to bigmoose's ethos, great job t.

so, thanks again for your lush support, bigup yerselves, do that cool thing and contact someone, and then bask in the warm glow of loveliness that you will feel after you've done something smile inducing for someone in your world.

have a great week, and i'll see you back here next week, enjoy life.

blue skies,