good morning bigmoose friends,

how goes?

this week i'd really like you to take thirty seconds to reflect on your last seven days.

how've they been?

happy with them?

if you answered yes, that's great.

if you aren't, have a think about why.

can you change anything to shake things up?

regular blog readers will know that some years ago i invested in going out to san diego for a two and a half day course with darren hardy, where i learnt a tremendous amount, which i still apply to areas of my life today.

darren supplies his 'darren daily' foc, and it consists of lots of ideas, and thoughts on self improvement, and i tend to watch it most days.

today he did a throwback to honour his mentor jim rohn, as it would have been his birthday today, and although it looks a bit dated, he has some interesting ideas about doing some simple exercises to improve who you are.

i totally don't wanna become some kind of evangelist for darren or the late jim rohn, but have a watch, i think there are some simple concepts that could spur you on to do some cool changes in your world.  

i hope you liked the essence.

so now we are all perfect humans (lol) what's been going down?

i hope you've done some cool stuff, and there seem to be more and more blog readers getting in touch, to tell us of great stuff they are doing or have discovered, so this week i'd like to share a website that a friend of mine steph waterman sent me.

i met steph back in 2014 as she trekked to everest base camp, and she has supported bigmoose since then, coming to our black tie shindig with her mum, and she is a lovely human.

anyway this week steph sent me a link to  a website called postpals, and basically postpals is set up to allow individuals to send a card, letter or even a gift that can give a poorly child's face a much needed lift, and as they quote 'brightening the lives of sick children'.

now, i think it's delightful, but it's a pretty emotional site, so tread carefully, but if you want a way of doing something really simple and quick to brighten a child's day have a look.

phew, emotional right?

in other news, things have been very busy in bigmoose hq, distributing our cardiff half shirts, ready for our runners to paint the town orange on october 1st, and although i won't be running the race i am stoked about how much fun it's gonna be.

i know there are a load of blog readers coming from all over the gaff, london, leicester, essex, cornwall, and portugal, so i hope we're gonna have a lot of fun.

the bbc rang us yesterday, and want to do a story on the fact that so many people are getting involved to help raise awareness of mental health issues, so what great exposure, with the whole journey buzzing with energy, which transmits into power, power to do good, which is very beautiful and worthwhile, so thank you to everyone getting involved, and if you can't get involved directly, follow the race, and maybe encourage someone in some way, get involved and be a part of a lovely thing.

the big thing that has really hit me this year is how running as a team can psychologically be so therapeutic, so we have a bit of a plan to continue our training runs after the race, and form some kind of a running club, possibly encouraging people from all over the world to join in and run satellite clubs, which could be fun, and i have already sounded a few people out, so if you fancy having a chat about setting something informal up in your neck of the woods please drop me a line.

for me next week is a pretty busy one, and i will be talking at a school about everest, an event addressing homelessness, and an infantry batallion in lancashire, which is pretty diverse, but i am really excited, and yesterday i had an article published in the western mail education supp about schools and growth mindset, encouraging people with a story to contact schools to engage and share, so i'm a tiny bit proud of that one, and if it gets one person to go to one school, hopefully that's good, and the power of the everest story is continuing to do positive things for the world.

in other news, last night i went to a rugby match arranged by school of hard knocks.

arranged as the finale to their first adult programme in wales, it was a pretty emotional affair, with this gaggle of individuals, now having gone through some amazing training in the classroom and on the rugby pitch, and forming a cohesive unit, who it was obvious have found something in life that has possibly alluded them in the past, hope.

the bond these men showed on the pitch, and at the end of the game was a joy to watch, and i think i mentioned before that i have been asked to be an ambassador for them, and i can't wait to get involved, hopefully helping inspire them to believe in themselves, and make pivotal changes in their lives.

here is a video with one of the lads on the programme, which reminds me of that saying that you can't change the past, but you can change the future.

well i can feel the blog police looking at their wristwatches and doing that look they do when the blog gets a little long (every week) so i'll wrap things up now.

thanks for all your positive comments on the first chapter of the book last week, and one blog reader, who is a man of few words messaged me last week for the first time ever 'good blog' high praise indeed, and it must have really touched him to get such a gushing response, and has inspired me to keep scribing!

i met a geezer a couple of weeks ago who subsequently we had a text chat about some stuff, and at the end of his message he penned 'have a super day on planet earth' which i liked, so i would like to wish you the same, but extend it to a super week, until we meet again.

blue skies,