cycling around the world: explained  

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as it says in the name, we want to cycle around the world and in this, we want to do it in 2 ways!

the first way being to cover the circumference of the world in km’s by everyone coming together, no matter what charity you’re cycling for, how fast you go or how experienced you are, every km counts and we think this is a pretty beautiful way of unifying an event of over 1200 people to come together and work as one almighty, spin biking team! 

and the second way, is that we want to get as many people as possible cycling around the world at the same time! you, the rider in cardiff will engage with your friends and family from around the world, tell them about the event and ask them to cycle on either june 1st or 2nd.

they could cycle with their friends and family or on their own in the gym, whatever way they choose, they will then need to record their mileage and fundraise for your overall total to go to your charity. this is a great way of increasing your sponsorship & overall mileage, and the chance to engage with as many people as possible.