Hi, I am Elaine Bevan-Smith, a specialist respiratory nurse leading a team of healthcare professionals caring for people with chronic lung disease. I also love hill-walking - stemming from holidays in Dartmoor when my children were small.  Research has shown that keeping active and exercising is incredibly beneficial for people with respiratory disease.  In order to raise awareness of this, a team of us successfully completed the national 3 peaks challenge in 2008.

Despite being blessed with a very happy life, I recently had a couple of bad years where I admit my usual grit and determination seemed to have disappeared.  Being obsessed with all things Everest (from the safety of my armchair!) I came across Jeff on twitter (he was my first ever tweet!) and his story really touched me as I identified with some of his experiences. His drive and enthusiasm made me look at myself and realise how much I had lost my own spark. I felt totally inspired and organised a team of Doctors and Nurses to do the Welsh 3000’s in July. It’s not quite Everest – but to us it’s still a big challenge. I personally have to get over my fear of attempting Crib Goch, which is my own ‘Everest’.  Watch this space!    

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