elbrus '15

do you need a challenge in your life?
do you want to change your life?
do you want do something you will remember for ever?
do you want to feel adrenaline rushing through your body?
do you want do something to help others?
do you want to do something inspirational?
there are only ten places in this challenge, so if it appeals contact us quickly, we haven’t even launched it and we have one place taken, such is it’s appeal!

the challenge has two parts, and they are
1.    to climb mount elbrus in russia, the highest mountain in europe in june 2015.
2.    to raise £10k for the charity of your choice.
don’t be scared, don’t be afraid, together we can do this!

bigmoose have employed the services of onfire adventure  http://www.onfireadventure.com/ who are a cardiff based adventure expedition company, who are extremely experienced in leading trips around the world, and will supply full mountain training, and a bespoke service to our team.
we also have a personal trainer on our staff who will ensure we attain the correct level of fitness for the trip via a comprehensive fitness training and nutrition programme, so being unfit is not an obstacle, we’ll get you in great shape, we want you to succeed.
the mountain isn’t technical, so a fear of heights is not a problem either.
if you’re still reading you might really be interested, which is cool, keep going!
if you don’t think you can raise £10k, you’re wrong, you can.
seriously, if you believe you can you can, and with our help we can give you the tools to get this amazing amount of money raised for your charity of choice, all we want to do is be the catalyst to do something great.
so, how do you get more details of taking part in this life changer?
really simple, drop us a line, and we will contact you and go through the details, but be quick.

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