It all started when...

in december 2015 at our second disabled children’s triathlon (supertri 2) we presented a wonderful family with an all expenses paid trip to disney world florida. 

meet the holley family - marc, cherie, gemma and ben.


ben has epilepsy, development delay and chronic lung disease. these guys have been through so much over the years including ben being in intensive care numerous times. 
we at bigmoose wanted to give them this gift so they can create memories together, relax and have the time of their lives. 

the holley’s decided october 2017 was the best time for their family to go away so on october 22nd at 11.40am they boarded their flight from gatwick to orlando for 2 weeks of sun! they will be visiting magic kingdom, discovery cove and universal studios as well as attending an ice hockey game and relaxing by the pool! 

we will keep you updated with pics and videos over the next 2 weeks. seeing these guys smiling faces is what bigmoose is all about and it’s why we love what we do!