bigmoose mental health awareness evening


the plan:

6pm arrival at cardiff business school

there will be volunteers to direct you to the car park and then back to the main area where the event will be held.

inside we will have a number of tables/stations set up for you to have a look at for example kind snack bars & agile therapy will both be there. all of these stations are going to be run by lovely, kind and friendly people :)

the bigmoose coffee van will be there to provide refreshments (tea, coffee, hot choc and alcoholic drinks) and cake!

look out for people in spotty tees, these are our amazing volunteers & team who will be there to assist you with any questions.

7pm start of the talks

from 7pm we are will get everyone sat down in the main auditorium which is upstairs - lifts are available. if you need any assistance with the stairs please email or call me ahead of time and we will get a plan in place to help you.

( or 07976 714804)

it is free seating so please feel free to sit wherever you like.

first half we will have 3 amazing speakers.

8:15pm break

here we will have a break so everyone can grab a drink and have a chat if desired.

the foyer will have all the stands open again however if you would prefer some quiet time there will be a room next to the auditorium where you can just have a chill in the quiet.

8:30pm talks resume

the second half we will have 2 more speakers telling their stories.

10pm finish

we will aim to be finished by 10pm.

if you have any questions please get in contact and if we can do anything to make you feel more comfortable please let me know.

also if you are coming alone and would like to be introduced to other guests please also pop me an email or a call and we will be sure you introduce you to some other lush people. or 07976 714804

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