welcome to the first bigmoose blog, buckle up this is where the journey starts!

it seemed to me that keep posting stuff from everest at fifty when it really is all about bigmoose is a bit mad, so this week i am going to be transferring my twitter and facebook accounts to bigmoose, so if anybody was on the everestatfifty ride, and feels it’s time to depart, I will be sorry to see you go, but there will be less physical mountains, and more metaphorical ones on the bigmoose journey, and hopefully we can keep you as part of our tribe.
well the currant bun is shining, the farmer is ploughing the field at the end of our garden, and bigmoose seems to be growing in momentum daily, life is good.

this week i have had a number of meetings with people that i hold in high esteem, who have all committed to bigmoose with huge enthusiasm, which increases my confidence in the project immensely, so onward and upward.
the more I work on bigmoose the more I discover there are a tremendous amount of people who really want to do good stuff, and hopefully you dear reader gravitate towards this blog regularly, and follow our journey for the same reasons, you are one of life’s gooduns, and if you are, please keep coming back, together we are gonna take over the world, but in a way the others won’t even see coming!
i am going to relate some stories this week which are all different, but hopefully they make you smile, cry, or at least not doze off.
one of the cool things to happen to me on my everest trip was meeting some great people, one of whom was charlie, who I have mentioned before was a u.s. soldier who was an amputee with a prosthetic leg, and he was to become an integral part of making my trip so enjoyable, he had a great sense of humour, and we regularly duelled with words, which was great fun.
i wasn’t sure whether to relate this story of charlie, as it might be perceived inappropriate, but here goes, this is typical charlie.
we were in a bar in namche on the trek back from our ill fated trip, and the music was great and loud, we were all climbers, and the beer was flowing, and I was sitting next to charlie at the bar, when he turns to me in a very serious way, and says .
“wanna drink beer from my leg?”
i slowly swivelled my head in a well thought out dramatically slow turn, and replied in an equally serious mono tone “of course I do”
charlie then proceeded to take his prosthetic leg off, and raising it up, proceeded to pour everest beer into it, passing it to me as I could see the frothy head nearing the top.
i toasted charlie, and drank from my first prosthetic leg, not something I ever thought I would write about let alone do, but after the other guys on the team shared our leg shaped vessel, and the customary pictures had been taken, we laughed, hugged, and laughed some more.
this was charlie.