running for emily - cardiff half 2016

in 2014 i met a young lady called emily clark. at the time she was battling cancer. emily went into remission but a few months later she relapsed and had to have a bone marrow transplant. 

14 months post transplant and after many complications on march 12th 2016, very sadly, we lost emily at the tender age of 18. 


em was in the middle of fundraising for the bone marrow transplant appeal at university hospital of wales to make the ward bigger and better, and to improve the facilities.

after emily left us, her mum donna and family decided to continue the fundraising in emily's name, and the new improved ward will carry emily's name as her legacy, and as such i wanted to help them with their fundraising.

i spoke to donna and got her blessing, and so we formed a bigmoose cardiff half team, with a just giving page with all the bucks raised going to the cardiff and vale health charity who ring fenced all the money raised for this project.


everyone registered with us, we set up everyone their own just giving page as part of the bigmoose crew, and they all committed to raising a minimum of £200.

we designed some dope running shirts which we all wore to show our love, and got bigmoose crowd points along the route, where friends and family stood and cheered our crew with big signs as they all ran past, and there was an after party where we all got to eat, drink and be extremely merry, and take lots of celebratory team pics.


we got over 100 runners and raised an amazing £30,000!!! the #runningforemily team were amazing!!!!