bigmoose cycling around the world
terms & conditions

01/02 june 2019

by registering for the bigmoose cycling around the world, you agree to these terms & conditions, and a contract is agreed between bigmoose (the organiser) & the participant.

participation and event day

1.1 the participant must be 16 years of age or over on event day.
1.2 when registering for this event, the participant must agree to these terms or will not be allowed to take part.
1.3 by registering and taking part in the event, all participants agree that their photographs and/or video footage may be taken during the event day; and these may be used by the organiser to publicise further cycling around the world events, and any other bigmoose event.
1.4 registrations close on the 1st may 2019 at midnight. the organisers reserve the right to amend the date at their discretion.
1.5 on event day participants must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
1.6 participants must be fit and free from injury to take part in the event. please consult your doctor or a qualified physician if you are unsure.
1.7 participants must follow instructions given on event day. this includes, but not limited to instructions from all event officials including race staff, volunteers, medical personnel, security officers and all city officials. this is for everyones safety.
1.8 all participants must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times before, during and after the event. this includes being courteous to other participants. anyone not abiding by this rule my be disqualified and asked to leave the premises. 
1.9 participants must inform the race organisers of any special medical conditions.
1.10 participants must be ready to begin the event at the stated starting times.
1.11 race entry also includes the provision of event finishing items such as, but not limited or held to, medals and goody bags. only participants who turn up on the day and take part are entitled to collect such items.
1.12 participation is at the participants own risk.

payment and registration fees

2.1 all entry fees are non-refundable unless stated by the organisers at point of sale.
2.2 entry fees are subject to change at any time, and the organisers reserve the right to amend the entry fees and discounts at any time. no refunds will be given to those who signed up at a different price rate.
2.3 the use of discount codes, promotional links or charity places & passwords are restricted to the original users only. any misuse of these items may result in disqualification from the event. refunds may not be issued.
2.4 any priorly agreed notice of withdrawal must be done so in writing to
2.5 registration is strictly non transferrable.
2.6 any changes in personal details, including phone number or address in the lead up to the event must be done so in email to


3.1 the organisers reserve the right to disqualify and/or remove any participation that is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions.
3.2 on the day disqualification can be enforced upon participators who refuse to listen to event officials, city officials, event marshals, event stewards, emergency service personnel. anyone who conducts themselves in an unprofessional manner toward other participants, officials, volunteers, participants or spectators will be disqualified from the event.

alterations and cancellation of the event

4.1 if the event is cancelled due to any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the organiser, then the participant will not be entitled to a refund of the entry fee or the compensation of other losses including travel & accommodation expenses. this is including, but not limited to; an act of god, explosion, acts of a public enemy, war, insurrection, a terrorist act or threat of such, sabotage, epidemic, embargoes, strikes or the death of a leading member of the british royal family.
4.2 we reserve the right to cancel, delay or postpone the event due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control, for example due to adverse weather conditions, or as instructed by the emergency services. in cases like stated, we will endeavour to inform participants as quickly as possible.
4.3 the organisers reserve the right to amend or alter aspects of the event at any time. any alterations are to be communicated in good time to allow for plans to be revised. this also includes the formatting of the event day.

event day obligations

5.1 all participants must adhere to advice given by event marshals and the organisers.
5.2 the use of headphones is strictly prohibited, to limit the risk of injury to yourself and other participants. the organiser will not be held responsible for injury caused as a result of breach of this.
5.3 participants shall aim to assemble and be ready to start no later than 10 minutes prior to the started start time.
5.4 any participants who are joining the event as shared participants must let their bike steward know prior to the start of the event. participants who are supporting their team before or after their shared turn on the bike must stand clear of the main bikes until instructed to swap by a steward.
5.5 no supporter or spectator will be allowed to enter the main bike pen unless instructed to by the organiser or event steward.
5.6 no participant, unless with express permission from the organiser, is to receive assistance from anyone during the progress of the event unless this be medical assistance.
5.7 there will be medical assistance on site at all times. if you require such help, please endeavour to alert those around you to seek assistance as quickly as possible. 
5.8 if a participant becomes ill or unwell during the event and/or receives attention or treatment from medical staff; they authorise such persons to provide details to the medical director of the allocated hospital and others authorised by them.

safety and liability

6.1 participants must stop from riding when instructed to by official medical staff, official officers and emergency services. participation is at the participants own risk.
6.2 the organiser, event staff, authorised event managers and contractors are not to be liable for direct or indirect, consequential loss of damage of personal or property. 
6.3 event medical staff are authorised by the event to examine any participant who appears to need assistance. medical staff have the authority from the organiser to remove any participant from the event. 
6.4 participants are solely responsible for and assume liability for all medical expenses incurred as a result of training for and/or participation in the event. this includes ambulance transport, hospital stays, physician and pharmaceutical goods and services, and any other medical costs incurred.
6.5 in the interest of the safety of all participants, if a major incident occurs during the event, the organisers, emergency services and event directors reserve the right to alter/shorten the event, but still provide an event if possible. in extreme circumstances, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the event. no refunds will be given.
6.6 whilst every care will be taken when staging the event, the participant acknowledges that any personal accident or personal item insurance is their own responsibility. the organiser will not be responsible for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising from the event.